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‘The Grey’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

This film was accidentally stumbled upon whilst endlessly scrolling through the many films in the horror section of Netflix.

The plot didn’t sound overly unique, but Liam Neeson is a fantastic actor, and after watching the trailer I decided to give it a go.

This is a male slumber party with some uninvited guests.

Neeson takes the lead as a man who has recently lost his wife, and is haunted by visions of her repeatedly, establishing a deep, sentimental character.

He keeps to himself in his pit of solitude, not wallowing in self pity, just feeling disconnected from the world.

He ends up on a plane with fellow oil rig workers, the majority of which are obnoxious, chauvinistic pigs.

You have one of every type of scum, but thankfully there are a couple of genuine guys who have wives and families waiting for them at home, to balance out the level of testosterone in the group.

Things go from bad to worse when the plane crashes down into an icy nightmare and witnesses some of the mens’ demises.


Scared, hungry, hurt, and homesick, these guys think they are in hell, that is, until they realise there are far worse things out there than the cold.

They travel in packs, rip off human flesh, and have a heightened sense to hunt their prey.

One by one the wolves begin to pick off each man, shrinking the group size, and increasing their vulnerability.

But the wolves don’t know that Neeson’s job before this disaster was to kill wolves.

Albeit, he doesn’t have a gun, and they are severely outnumbered, but he knows how they kill and feed.

He also knows they have a radius of around 300 miles of a hunting ground that they reside in, and anyone who trespasses on this land must face the consequences.

But if they are in fact on their territory, how are they supposed to escape 300 miles with several of the men injured and weak?

This is a suspenseful, high paced thriller with some nice scenes merged in expressing a mixture of men and how they react to tragedy.

There are a few ‘jump’ moments squeezed in unsuspectingly to keep you on your toes.

The D.O.P (Director.Of.Photography) did an amazing job!

At many occasions I found myself basking in the ambience of such marvellous scenery and how it was portrayed through a wide array of angles and levels, from low to breathtakingly high.

The bond forged between the men is uncanny, and compels the viewer to feel a certain amount of loss when many of them are attacked by wolves, some of which prevail, and some don’t.

I would recommend this flick to anyone wanting a good thriller, with a few grizzly deaths, a few grains of brotherhood, and some moments that will make you spill your popcorn.

I give this film a 4.5* as it was undeniably a great watch, but as a hardcore horror fan, that 0.5 of me that craves scares and frights was left unsatisfied, but nevertheless you cannot ignore that this is a film you will never forget.

Rating: 4.5/5

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