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On This Day in Horror History: A Few Fans Entered a Video Game World and Attempted to ‘Stay Alive’

Okay, so historically it wasn’t an amazing day for horror. In fact, not much of anything has ever really happened on March 21st… save for the 2006 theatrical release of Stay Alive, an oddly engaging flick all about… killer video games? Yeah, basically.

Critics and genre fans alike panned this one viciously, and to some degree, the heated words and berating quotes were justified. It isn’t exactly a high quality film. It’s got plot holes, some sketchy screenwriting and more than a single suspect special effect at work. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work as something of a guilty pleasure. Didn’t just about everyone want to see Frankie Muniz offed by a psycho video game bitch?

I know I did.

Sure the idea behind this one is ridiculous. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s entertaining from time to time, featuring appearances from Jimmi Simpson, Wendell Pierce and Adam Goldberg – three legitimately awesome performers, especially the ultra-versatile Goldberg – and even showcases a creative killing or two.

All in all, Stay Alive may not have been the Citizen Kane of the genre, but it’s definitely watchable. In fact, it’s been so heavily bashed, it could actually be considered an underrated flick, at this point!

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1 Comment on On This Day in Horror History: A Few Fans Entered a Video Game World and Attempted to ‘Stay Alive’

  1. I’d forgotten that I had actually seen this movie before… I’m going to have to see if I can dig it out again!


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