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On This Day in Horror History: We Welcomed a Pair of ‘Sisters’ and Played an ‘April Fool’s Day’ Prank

41 years ago Brian De Palma did what he’s always done so well, he gifted the cinematic fiends a nice dose of terror with the official theatrical arrival of Sisters. It’s a twisted flick about murder and disbelief, and it’s even got Margot Kidder in it. How the hell can you lose?

Despite a slow burn approach, critics praised the film openly. Roger Ebert noted that the film was “made more or less consciously as an homage to Alfred Hitchcock”, but said it “has a life of its own” (per wiki), and The New York Times called it “a good, substantial horror film”. I think the pundits got it right!

Check out the trailer for this now beloved classic.

But Sisters wasn’t the only pic to make waves on March 27th. In 1986, 28 years ago, Fred Walton’s slasher, April Fool’s Day also arrived on the big screen. Unlike Sisters, April Fool’s Day earned some mixed reviews. The pic earned plenty of praise among critics, but fans weren’t necessarily overly excited about the film. To be honest, it feels like a bit of a sham with the, it was all a dream finale, and it never stuck with me. It’s a cheap production that feels like little more.

Just the same, happy birthday, April Fool’s Day!

On a darker note, we must also note the passing of prolific genre performer, Ralph Bates. Bates died back in 1991 of pancreatic cancer, and while the name may not ring a bell, the man’s work most likely does.

A faithful Hammer contributor, Ralph starred in an abundance of horror films, including The Horror of Frankenstein, Lust for a Vampire, Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Fear in the Night and Taste the Blood of Dracula. You sir, are still missed to this day.


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