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In Preparation for ‘Wolf Creek 2’ We Revisit ‘Wolf Creek’ (Review)!

Wolf Creek

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Holy shit is Mick Taylor terrifying. An oddball in every sense, even the violent sense; this dude just oozes negative vibes. So, why not take a ride with him? Drink some of his special sauce. Maybe wake up, beaten, bound. Find yourself being tortured at the expense of his personal gratification. And then, hell, it gets even better, you get to die. A horrible, long drawn out death that no one could ever hope for. That’s Wolf Creek in a nutshell. As simple as it may sound, it’s actually extremely unnerving. This is the kind of movie that lingers. You don’t shake it off with ease. It’s just too damn real for that.

We’ve seen so many tourism gone wrong films (Hostel, Touristas, The Ruins, etc., etc.) that it becomes challenging wading through the mediocre to unearth the true gems. But Wolf Creek never got lost in the mess, because it immediately had audiences chatting it up. It’s such an unforgiving film, with one of the creepiest villains created in the last few decades that it’s near impossible to allow this one to fly under the radar.


Everything about the film is really rather cut and dry. There is no ultra-stylistic approach to the cinematography, and there aren’t many mind bogglingly intricate set locations or pieces. Even the special effects are rather controlled. But that’s the magic in the movie, the plausibility of it all. People go missing all over the world, never to be seen again. And this is one amazing examination of a few travelers who stumble into a nightmare that is all too real.

When it comes to “slashers”, Wolf Creek ranks amongst the very best. It’s truly frightening, and its methodical pace only seems to intensify the horror. If you’re looking for a creepy, crawl under your skin feature that’s bound to hinder your sleep, go with Greg Mclean’s instant classic.

Rating: 4.5/5

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