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‘The House of the Devil’ is a Balls Out Great Film

The House of the Devil

Written by: Tracy Crockett

College student Samantha Hughes takes on a strange babysitting job (that just so happens to coincide with a full lunar eclipse), in hopes to make some extra cash. She quickly learns that the clients have a very different job in store for her as they plan to include her in a Satanic ritual.

The realism and authenticity herein this nifty little flick is mind boggling. The period placement in the 80s is so spot on; Samantha’s cruising around the house being nosy whilst jamming to her Walk-Man…yeah, remember those kids? Walk-Man. I looked and honestly didn’t find anything that was out of place. Everything was so miraculously set forth from director Ti West and crew that The House of the Devil feels like an old school 80s supernatural flick… a popcorn type flick even. The blood and scare scenes couldn’t be more spot on if they were real. West has shown through several films now that he has some chops and punches and isn’t afraid to pull some out.


I’ve read some complaining about The House of the Devil being uneven and choppy, just another crappy homage to the 80s. Personally I don’t see that anywhere and feel the story is very powerful. It didn’t lose me as a viewer. And as for the homage to the 80s comment: Duh!!! That right there should speak volumes. For that individual to take time out of their day to include that in a review is great. They were spot on. This movie is just a balls out great film. As earlier mentioned it’s a great popcorn film. Rent it, invite some buddies over and enjoy an insanely good movie.

Rating: 5/5

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