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‘All Cheerleaders Die’ Stakes Fair Claim to Best Horror Film of 2014, Thus Far

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson just delivered what can only be considered a balls to the wall, entirely unforgiving picture guaranteed to leave fanatics slack-jawed. All Cheerleaders Die is loaded with unexpected fits of graphic violence, harsh death sequences and pitch-black humor. But it’s also anchored by a very well written script that proves McKee and Sivertson have their ears to the ground in which modern pop culture references reverberate endlessly. These two know how to play faithful to today’s youngsters, and they also spot and exploit the glaring personality quirks that leave kids today open to borderline sadistic prodding.

You’ve got to fuckin’ love that. How do these filmmakers feel about the youth of today? Watch the movie and draw your own conclusion. I’ve got my ideas, but I’m not out to put McKee or Sivertson on blast or completely misconstrue their actual stances. Their opinions are their own, and that plays a major factor in my immense enjoyment of this film. There are no punches pulled in this film (ask Terry), and I love its sadistic nature. Gratifying to the absolutely fullest; a mental sustenance that for me does more than satiate, it leaves me proud to be a fan of bold filmmakers.


The story is all about revenge, Wicca witches, spells, death, detachment from human logic and awesome murder sequences. The tight knit script only further enhances the film; the impressive young cast keep that trend alive.

I see this as a perfect companion piece to John Dies at the End, despite their radically different ideas. There’s just something off-kilter enough to seem the perfect suitor for John Dies at the End. Different yes, but both amazingly fun, really, really outrageous in general idea and stuffed with inspired performances from a group of fresh faces that I personally hope we see for years to come.

All Cheerleaders Die may be my favorite film of the year. There’s still plenty of time before the calendar year has gone, but it’s already an incredibly strong contender for Best of 2014. There aren’t too many I can see surpassing this one.

Rating: 4.5/5

Note: To read my full extensive review of All Cheerleaders Die, follow this link and head over to

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