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‘Call Girl of Cthulhu’ is a Blast (Review)

Written by: Anthony J. Rapino

I first discovered Midnight Crew Studios this past autumn when I purchased the WNUF Halloween Special, a VHS release that won me over with its ingenious combination of concept and execution.  When I heard the writer/director Chris LaMartina along with co-writer and producer Jimmy George were hard at work on a new title, Call Girl of Cthulhu, I immediately went out and purchased an older release to prepare for the carnage to come.

This older movie, recommended by the friendly staff of Alternative Cinema whilst I attended this Spring’s Chiller Theatre Convention, was Witch’s Brew.  I had a blast with it and liked it so much I even promised to create my own batch of homebrew (one of my many hobbies) and name it after the movie.   When the opportunity presented itself to get my hands on Call Girl of Cthulhu, I chose to hasten its arrival and immediately chanted: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!  I guess it worked because two things occurred.  First, the movie appeared on my desk, and second, my phallus mutated into a sentient cock-monster.

I ignored the latter and popped the movie in for viewing.

I could tell right away that a lot of care went into preserving both the work of Lovecraft and the movies that his work has inspired.  Throughout the film I spotted numerous allusions to Lovecraft’s work, from the name on condom packages, to decals, to character names (Dr. West, anyone?), to the thoughtful approach to the script.  Similarly, the use of neon-green ooze was a slick nod to Re-Animator.  In fact, I’m certain that only with multiple viewings will I spot everything.

The movie begins with our main character, Carter Wilcox, explaining to a detective how he ended up in a Church filled with mutilated bodies (This recounting is meant to mimic the narrator’s recitation of events in Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu”). Wilcox goes on to explain how he became entangled between Cthulhu cultists–who are searching for a call girl with a specific birthmark to help bring about the end of the world–and his desire to…ahem…unburden himself of virginity.


If you really think about it, you may wonder why the cultists are killing hookers when they could simply check their asses for the birthmark and send them on their way, but really it’s a moot point, because you know you want to see as many creative kills as you can.  And if nothing else, this movie delivers on the gore.

The film plays out in a frenetic dance of exploding heads, genital-mutating STDs, tentacles, zombie hookers, laughs, and love.  Needless to say, I enjoyed every cock-severing, hooker mutating, face-melting moment of it.

Having recently watched Witch’s Brew, there was a noticeable jump in quality for Call Girl of Cthulhu.  From the script, to the acting, to the gore effects, this presentation felt more mature, and truly, this is one of the great pleasures of supporting indie horror: watching as the writers and directors of these films learn and grow.  There’s nothing quite like it.  But even if this is your first experience with LaMartina and company, you will not be disappointed.

If you are a fan of Lovecraft, indie horror, Midnight Crew Studios, Stuart Gordon, Troma, or gore-filled cult horror, do yourself a favor and see this movie.

Rating: 4/5

Anthony J. Rapino is a horror writer with published work online, in print, and carved inside a variety of autumn gourds.  Support his work on Patreon

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5 Comments on ‘Call Girl of Cthulhu’ is a Blast (Review)

  1. Tom Landrith // May 27, 2014 at 7:10 pm // Reply

    I am a fan of Lovecraft. I read a lot of his work in high school. I watched the trailer for this movie a few days ago and want to see the movie. Your review has made me want to see it even more. Thank you.


  2. Great, Tom, glad to hear it! It was a fun movie for sure. I’m planning on watching it again soon.


  3. OMG…I must see this!


  4. I hate all of you. This movie makes me cringe at was has been done to Lovecraft’s work. You’re all a disgrace.


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