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‘The Harsh Light of Day’ Hits DVD in July

  theharshlightofdaypic5 Who doesn’t love a good revenge flick? The Harsh Light of Day places Dan Shergold in the worst imaginable scenario: the man’s wife has been brutally murdered and rather than allow that to bury his psyche and any potential joy he could ever feel again, he does what most others in a similar position would do by turning to the dark side to ensure vengeance is his, and his wife’s death is properly avenged. Sounds like a good flick, right? It is, and it’s headed to home video in a matter of weeks.

Oliver S. Milburn writes and directs. Dan Richardson, Giles Alderson and Sophie Linfield star.

The Harsh Light of Day hits DVD on July 22nd, 2014.

Synopsis: Daniel Shergold (Dan Richardson), a writer on the occult, is a happily married man until the day his wife is murdered, and he is left paralysed in a brutal, seemingly random attack, by a group of masked intruders. When the police are unable to find the perpetrators, Daniel is left in a pit of bitterness and anger. Desperately seeking vengeance, Daniel is brought to the attention of a mysterious stranger who changes everything. He offers Daniel something he hadn’t dared hope for, something that shouldn’t even be possible. He will help him walk, help him search, help him find vengeance – and it soon becomes clear that his wife’s murder wasn’t entirely without purpose. All this, but at one hell of a price…


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