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‘Mr. Jones’ isn’t your Every Day Handy-cam Horror (Review)

Mr.-Jones-STILL-85-RGB Written by: Wesley Thomas The only way to describe this movie is a horrifying, mental mindfuck. We are deceived at first into thinking this will just be another 'handy-cam horror' flick. Comparable to the likes of The Blair Witch Project, Quarantine, Paranormal Activity etc.  But this tale goes so much deeper, and so much further you will be pleasantly surprised.

Mr. Jones

So we have a young couple Scott (Jon Foster – Stay Alive) and Penny (Sarah Jones – Alcatraz) who move to the woods so Scott can film a documentary. Penny has left behind her career, friends, and home so he can do this. So understandably he feels guilty when motivation eludes him, and no inspiration comes.

They are stuck, tension growing, resentment escalating, until a collection of strange occurrences begin. At first this frightens the two, but out of the chaos Scott has an idea. He thinks they are onto something, and that it will make for an epic documentary.

This propels him to travel to NYC and interview several people who are knowledgeable in the area of ‘Mr. Jones’. Apparently he sent out totems to individuals, most of which were fine and moved on with their life, but some weren’t.

Scott feels this mystery evolving and taking on a life of its own. He ignores warnings and advice to leave well enough alone, and continues his exploration of this legend.

Which leads him to make the mistake of breaking into Mr. Jones’ house to find an array of strange, occult items.

Scott, hungry for a career-making story, steals a strange object and takes it to his and Penny’s cabin. But it soon becomes obvious that by taking the weird item, he has sealed his fate.

Then the possibility occurs to them, that maybe there were sane reasons behind Mr. Jones’ madness.

I loved this movie because of its originality, and how it surpassed the usual monotonous conventions of a POV horror.

The camera work is impressive, how the shots are merged together, the minimal music for suspense, along with the clever addition of a dual camera showing facial reactions, alongside what they are looking at.

Another excellent aspect of this one, was that it is left open to interpretation in how it ends. You can choose to believe it ends a certain way, one of which is undeniable. But the lead up in their battle against the antagonists it is questionable what they are facing.

We also vividly careen into the dream world, what is possible, and how fragile the walls of this reality are, and how easily other entities can enter if they so wish.

The acting, is realistic, as I always state is an essential part in the success of a found footage horror. Subtle reactions until the real abhorring terror begins and it is clear they are terrified.

By the end of this movie you will feel as if you have had your skull opened and a can of worms let loose to slither and wriggle in your psyche.

Rating: 4/5

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