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An Indie Slasher Worthy of a Look, ‘Death Do Us Part’ isn’t Great but it’s Far from Terrible

d3 Written by: Matt Molgaard Nicholas Humphries’ lovebird weekend escape gone wrong flick, Death Do Us Part isn’t the perfect production. At the core it’s a slasher, but it breaks a tired mold in depositing 30-somethings in the hot seat rather than a significantly younger crowd. That decision enables these characters to generally avoid the bulk of overtly foolish mistakes, and leaves a few individuals more relatable for a guy like me, who’s hanging around the mid-30 range.

The story sees a handful of friends – including engaged couple Kennedy and Ryan – head out to an isolated cabin for one final shindig before Ryan and Kennedy make the shift to married life (yeah, the fun and games decrease after saying I do, dramatically). There’s a hint of friction among the ensemble, but a little boozing and the walls eventually start to break down… until these drunkards suddenly begin dropping like flies. One by one they earn gruesome extermination tickets. But who’s the lunatic behind the murder? Ryan’s got one hell of a temper. Derek is desperate for money (which he’s attempting to mooch from Ryan). There’s a strange triangle of physical confusion between Ryan, Hannah and Emily, and deep down, Kennedy seems a bit… off kilter.

I find heavy value in the fact that Humphries is more interested in the mystery of the story than gratuitous violence. The attention afforded the personalities of the key players is also noteworthy. There are a few characters that really shine, and each of these individuals boasts unique traits, preventing one figure from blending into another. The finale is also quite rewarding, as the answer we’ve been looking for is a tad surprising. Surprises are somewhat atypical in this genre.

Peter Benson, Kyle Cassie and Benjamin Ayres all standout, showcasing a passion and dedication that we don’t quite receive from the ladies of the group. The scenery we’ve got to absorb isn’t previously unseen, but it is a fitting setting for a pic of this nature. Fine editing helps the pic move along smoothly and the refined structure of the script earns points in my book. Death Do Us Part is an entertaining flick with some eerie sequences and a contemporary soundtrack that absolutely rocks. That said, this is a piece clearly aimed at the middle-aged fans, so marketing could prove tricky. As one of those middle-aged fans, I can definitely dig this one. It’s a spirited effort with no shortage of jolts and jaw droppers.

Worth a look, folks, no doubt about it.

Rating: 2.5/5

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