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‘The Midnight Game’ Trailer Arrives in Stylish Fashion

the-midnight-game-1 Anchor Bay will deliver The Midnight Game on August 12th, and there’s reason to be excited. The flick looks compelling, toying with some familiar tropes, but doing so in what looks to be quite stylish fashion.

An official selection at the 2013 Miami International Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show Film Festival and SF Indie fest’s Another Hole in the Head International Genre Film Festival, The Midnight Game has the buzz to get heads turning, and it’s got an itch in this dude to get my hands on it, as soon as humanly possible!

Guy Wilson (Breaking Bad), Renee Olstead (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Shelby Young (American Horror Story), Valentina de Angelis (Bereavement) and Spencer Daniels (Star Trek) star.

Check out the trailer below!

Synopsis: “In this eerie chiller inspired by true events, Olstead stars as a partying teen whose friends decide to perform an ancient pagan ritual found online called ‘The Midnight Game’: Candles are lit. A drop of blood is spilled. Your worst fear is confessed and an entity is summoned. But if the rules are not followed exactly, punishment is promised. Tonight, the game is not being taken seriously. A demonic horror has been unleashed, and now, even daylight cannot stop the nightmares that may destroy them all. Are you ready for the arrival of “The Midnight Man?””

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