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‘Road Kill’ AKA ‘Road Train’ Lacks Substance (Review)

roadkill1b Written by: Tracy Crockett Directed by: Dean Francis Cast: Georgina Haig and Sophie Lowe Road Kill is more or less an Australian attempt at a stranded out in the middle of nowhere type flick. It’s a poor attempt at trying to catch lightening in a bottle and ride the coattails of such similar Aussie greats as Wolf Creek. There’s not a whole lot of substance here but it does offer decent plot twists – occasionally – yet it ultimately falls flat on its ass. I saw glimpses of what could have been a great film but it just doesn’t deliver 100-percent.

Road Kill

Let me try to explain a little about this. As stated in the lightening in a bottle reference Road Kill plays out like Maximum Overdrive meets Midnight Meat Train thanks to the meat conveyer inside the trailer of the film’s menacing big rig. It seems as if the truck chooses its own victims thus creating a gnarly conveyer belt covered in human flesh. You’ll even see glimpses of Rest Stop herein, just nowhere near as solid of a story.

The film does keep you anticipating each and every scene due to its numerous twists and keeps you entertained in that aspect as well as very well done special gore effects, but it just doesn’t work. It plays out as a very little more than a feeble attempt at scaring you. If you want to just watch a trippy so called horror flick I suppose this one is okay, but to avoid contradiction I’ll reiterate: It doesn’t work.

All in all, Road Kill was very disappointing to me as it shows high potential and could be one hell of a cool movie if those involved would have taken their time and put forth more effort. Approach this one at your own risk. It’s just …meh.

Rating: 2.5/5


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