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Help Iain Rob Wright’s ‘The Final Winter’ See Cinematic Adaptation!

20554041 Editor’s note: We’re big supporters of Iain Rob Wright’s work. Thus this post. We don’t typically entertain too many kickstarter/indiegogo projects simply because we field so many requests it’s just about unmanageable. However, personally, I really love Iain’s style, and I’m hoping he obtains the level of success he deserves. So, if this posting makes us appear as though we’re awarding favoritism, you can blame me. All the way. The truth is, I am more emotionally invested in Wright’s work than some others who have approached us with similar project announcement requests. I’m sorry we can’t keep up with every request that hits the inbox, but for those who I respect and feel are talented enough to climb another rung of the ladder, I just might make sure to plug your fundraisers, so don’t be ashamed to approach us. Now, onto a nice break that comes our way from loyal, insightful and kick ass contributor Paula Limbaugh!

The Final Winter: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel by Iain Rob Wright has been a long time fan favorite.  The snow was just the start…I always thought this would make a great flick and now thanks to Craig Hopton my thought may now come to fruition!  I asked Craig if he could tell us a little about himself and this is what he said.

“I am a young screenplay writer looking to write the best films made and with a little help through Kickstarter get them made into great films.


I live in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.


I work for the NHS currently, however I would like to begin directing my own short movies and enter them into film festivals. I first wanted The Final Winter after I read the book. I finished the script over two years ago after asking Iain’s permission.


I have always wanted to write screenplays yet never really knew how to format one, so after learning how to write a correctly formatted professional looking screenplay by reading other people’s I wrote The Final Winter I think that this will make a great horror movie and hope it gets to become a movie.”

To help entice potential backers a bonus level as been added!

“Author Iain Rob Wright has given permission for certain backers of the project to be characters in his next novel, read backer rewards to find out details.

A very excellent opportunity.”

To find out more about Craig’s project click on this Kickstarter Link.

I like the idea of being in on the ground for a horror movie in the making!! Stay tuned for more on this project!!

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