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‘House of Bad’ isn’t a Very Good Film (Review)

HOUSE-OF-BAD-Promo Written by: Tracy Crockett Directed by: Jim Towns Cast: Heather L. Tyler, Sadie Katz, Cheryl Sands Geez, I don’t even know where to begin on this rubbish. It would seem as if the story was supposed to be about 3 sisters who rob a drug dealer in hopes of selling the drugs and running to Mexico but it lacks any substance to even follow along with that angle. House of Bad is not even remotely close to being classified as a horror movie but merely a drama. It's almost as if one could have watched this on the Lifetime channel. The only thing we’re given to believe that this is a horror film is the house’s dark history and the spirits of the abusive father and abused mother, which aren't present very long. They showed promise and may have even helped the movie out if they were utilized more.

House of Bad

I felt the acting was done well, as you truly feel a sense of each different styled character within the story. You have the angry girl who tries to control everyone, the hot naive one and the cute just there one. What little blood and effects that were present were done well but I just felt the movie lacked any sort of substance and finalization whatsoever. It was just boring and never really made any sense. I never really got what was going on or how the spirits of the parents entered into any of the girls’ bodies. They never tried to explain how they encountered, or at least I never caught it, the bodies of the daughters. I understand where they wanted to go with it and it comes close to working but it just never really gets there. It pains me to know that those with a decent amount of funding could only come up with this lackluster piece of cinema, if you’d even call it that.

With shotty, shaky camera shots and a Swiss cheese plot House of Bad just isn’t even worth the view even if you have nothing better to do… Go clean the cat box. That would be more entertaining than this sad excuse for a film. I must make note that the musical background use was added in very nicely. It’s just the right tone and does follow along with the plot yet doesn’t overpower it such is often the case. And as aforementioned the acting was done well and I would like to see the young ladies in other endeavors.

Even being a first attempt at a film one would have believed that going with something shorter as I previously said or even paid more attention that those involved may have succeeded much better. One could argue and I may even be inclined to agree that if they would have shortened the movie and done away with some of the drama it may have just worked. Maybe the sophomore effort will be done better, who knows? This one just doesn’t make the grade and I was really looking forward to it. It started out on a promising note.

Rating: 2/5

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