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Next ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Film Will Introduce a Much Younger Leatherface

According to The Wrap a new screenwriter has been hired to provide fans with a look at the earlier life of Leatherface, the hulking menace with an affinity for meat hooks that stole horror fanatics’ comfort in Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Industry greenhorn Seth M. Sherwood (who has virtually zero major credits to his name) has been tapped to put together the script for a prequel to the original slasher flick. Expect the working title to be Leatherface, and don’t be stunned if it sees eventual release under the same title. Texas Chainsaw 3D suggests an “in” truncated title trend.

As of now we don’t know much of anything about the story. Rumor has it that – as just indicated – the picture will take place in the early 1970s, but beyond a timeline, we’ve got zilch on the specifics. That’s a little unsettling given the ill-fated train wreck that was Texas Chainsaw 3D. It was a terrible film. Terrible enough to make one question the franchise (never a good thing, or a warranted thing, for that matter). That said, it’s hard not to be excited at the prospect of a quality TCSM film. They’re unforgiving, but they’re typically rather entertaining. A few of them are truly frightening. Of course we’d love for another gem to land in our laps.

We’ll see where the future leads us on this one. Millenium films is behind the project, hopefully they’ll share a few more details in the near future. We’ll keep you posted!

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