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‘Septic Man’ is a Classic in the Making (Review)

Septic Man

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Jesse Thomas Cook

Cast: Jason David Brown, Molly Dunsworth, Robert Maillet, Tim Burd, Julian Richings, Stephen McHattie

Jesse Thomas Cook’s latest, Septic Man represents everything that is right with indie filmmaking. What’s an indie have to do to impress? It’s got to entertain, and it has to showcase quality acting and big passion. This film succeeds in all of the above. A bit grotesque when analyzing objectively, Septic Man proves pleasantly unnerving and quite memorable.

The story follows Jack, a septic man in Canada who finds himself trapped in a massive septic tank with a couple of corpses and two looming brothers who possess a taste for murder. The goal is escape, but with a couple brutes thwarting his momentum, and a terrible infection of some sort setting in, the window of opportunity isn’t opened very much, and surviving this ordeal will not be easy for the young father to be.

The acting is great. Little known Jason David Brown fronts the film in inspiring fashion. Robert Maillet and Tim Burd portray our villainous siblings while seasoned veterans Julian Richings and Stephen McHattie also approach small but solid roles. My only complaint on the acting front, in fact, is McHattie’s lack of screen time. It would have been nice to see this living legend afforded a bit more camera time. Such is life. It’s hard to complain about sound work from a likeable cast.

This one sports a gloomy tone, but dabbles a bit in the exploitation realm, and it’s done right. This one is a raucous and goofy exploitation experiment, it’s relatively subtle, which mirrors the overall vibe of the flick quite well. There’s an excellent final act awaiting viewers, and a story that you just don’t have the chance to see very often. They say originality is dead, but Septic Man – a classic in the making – sets out to prove otherwise. This one comes strongly recommended.

Check out my extensive thoughts on the film over at Best Horror Movies.

Rating: 4/5


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