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The 13 Scariest Horror Movie Trailers

Dead Silence

It takes a refined hand to cut a trailer. To make it moving, jarring and petrifying requires a really, really refined hand and a damn twisted mind. We’ve got a look at the 10 scariest trailers of all time. A few picks may surprise, but all should chill! Check ’em out below!

Warning: Do. Not. Watch. In. The. Dark!

How’s that for dramatic?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Gritty and almost too lifelike, this one still resonates in the mind’s of horror hounds, and with good reason, meat hooks paralyzing, figuratively and literally!

The Shining

A profoundly bleak tale of a haunted hotel and the evil within, waiting to possess the weak of mind. A trailer that still crawls under the skin.

Black Swan

One of the most mentally exhausting films to hit the market in ages, the trailer takes stunning images and forces them into our minds. Those stunning images, by the way, are creepy as shit!


A simple, measured trailer can often make for the creepiest of the lot. case in point: the trailer for John Carpenter’s Christine!

Dead Silence

This movie was heavily panned by critics. But you know what? It’s awfully creepy, and it isn’t James Wan’s one disaster as many claim. Check out the trailer, it’ll get under your skin!

Let the Right One In

You want to find an original, extreme, vicious vampire story? You want to look into this beauty. It’s absolutely gorgeously gory.


Everything about the movie is chilling, but then you go and check out this trailer… and almost die at how damn eerie it is!


Okay, Prometheus isn’t an atypically frightening film, and neither is this trailer. But you know? It’s still absolutely amazing!


Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece remains one of the most influential films in history. It’s no shocker, given how terrifying this brief trailer alone is.


It’s the slasher that rejuvenated the fading slasher genre. It’s Scream, it’s chilling and it also has a damn unnerving trailer!

The Exorcist

Very few films have terrified audiences like The Exorcist. It’s paralyzing to the tenth fold, and it saw an awesomely low-key creeper trailer to help spread the word!

The Thing

The greatest practical effects we’ve ever seen, an amazing cast and a conflict that no one can wrap their heads around… until it’s too late. Check out the awesome original trailer.

The Babadook

Yet to see release, The Babadook looks absolutely mystifying. Even the trailer looks mystifying. You’re going to want to watch this one!!


Did we miss a personal favorite of yours? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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1 Comment on The 13 Scariest Horror Movie Trailers

  1. The one that really got me was the trailer for The Legend of Boggy Creek. When I was little kid we lived next to a long boggy stretch of creek and I had to sleep with the windows open in the spring and early summer. Damn trailer scared the bejesus out of me.


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