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‘And Uneasy Lies the Mind’ Merits a Viewing (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Ricky Fosheim

Cast: Jonas Fisch, J’aime Spezzano, Dillon Tucker

Talk about a mind bending flick. Director Ricky Fosheim delivers an intricate and often confusing character study that’s bound to leave viewers shaking their heads. Paranoia burrows in the center of this concept, and it’s so dominant in presence that it becomes a challenge to not look over your shoulder while viewing. It’s just unbelievably ominous, and it wears on the psyche like a half decade long custody battle.

The story follows two couples (all of whom are strong performers) who take some time to get away at a desolate mountain-view cabin. The snow pounds the ground, steady but not overbearing. And the four begin to settle in when sudden shifts in personalities open a dark gateway. Envy runs rampant, violent impulses fueling a character or two. And perhaps rightfully so, no one seems to know who they are, let alone what the hell is happening. The relevant question becomes all too obvious as the picture marches toward conclusion: Who, if any, will make it to escape this strange schizophrenic realm?

Director Ricky Fosheim chose the perfectly atypical script (penned by Dillon Tucker and Jonas Fisch) to work with. Any filmmaker who has it in his heart to shoot stories that move them, rather than industry big wigs, are a-okay in my book. It’s evident that Fosheim isn’t interested in conforming to Hollywood’s fluff standards. It’s instantly clear that this is a mind dead set in the idea of creating unorthodox but self-true content, and that earns big points.

While And Uneasy Lies the Mind isn’t a particularly frightening flick (at least not any animalistic level), it’s engaging enough to inject bursts of curiosity in the brain cells. It’s also technically strong enough to warrant solid attention and – hopefully – promotion. It may not be a favorite of mine, but it does enough things right to merit at least a single screening, and I think it’ an irrefutable indicator of stronger things to come from Ricky Fosheim. This guy has a future in this industry.

Rating: 3/5


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