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Martial Arts in Horror; 5 Genre Flicks with Kicks

Written by: Alexander Bailey

If you’re into horror movies, you may be sick of your typical slasher movies. Any crazed maniac can use a weapon to kill someone, but not everyone can beat someone to death with their bare hands. Everyone likes a good fight scene with some added gore. Whether it’s two people forced to fight for amusement, or a fight to the death match of willing opponents, here are the top horror movies that are focused on fight clubs.

Evil Feed

Evil Feed has everything you’d want in a horror movie: fighting, gore, comedy, and action. This twisted film follows an underground fight club that plays by slightly different rules. The loser of the match gets chopped up and eaten. Sound crazy? That’s why we like it. While this film didn’t exactly receive rave reviews, I think a true horror movie lover will enjoy this unique edge of your seat movie.


Like Evil Feed, Raze is about an “underground fight club” with a twist. I put that in quotes because they’re not willing participants. Raze focuses on a group of wealthy elites that kidnap women and force them to fight to the death…with their bare hands. If they refuse to participate in the matches their families will be killed by a professional sniper. Raze received fairly reasonable reviews with a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not exactly a home run, but for the highly critical user base of that website, I would consider that a success.


Saw isn’t your typical man on man fighting movie, but there’s definitely fighting…for their lives. The Saw series is actually a horror movie that has a little deeper meaning than just action and gore. The plot focuses on getting people to fight for their lives in order to give their lives deeper meaning. Jigsaw puts people in situations that are survivable, but they have to fight to survive which eventually makes them appreciate living even more. It’s unusual for horror movies to have an underlying theme that the viewer should take away with them, which is why Saw makes our top 6 list.


Blade is drenched in bloody, action stuffed fight sequences. Wesley Snipes fronts the film as the titular antihero determined to slaughter all vamps – and just about anyone who gets in his way – he can locate. Equal parts martial arts action insanity and bloody horror, the Blade series has been a commercial success for good reason. Snipes was born to play this role, which is hands down one of the most entertaining comic book figures to earn the big screen treatment.

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Perhaps the strangest picture to make the list, Brotherhood of the Wolf arrived in 2001 to luke-warm reception. Fans just weren’t huge on the film, even if it was a visually rewarding trek into period martial arts exchanges and werewolf (or is it something else?) hunts. The focal issue with the film rests on the translation and the script in general. There are enough holes in the tale to fall through and disappear forever. Forever. But, if you’re just in it for the martial arts, Mark Dacascos (who is a stellar martial artist, for the record) is going to have you entertained. It may not make the most sense, but Brotherhood of the Wolf is a very entertaining picture on a somewhat mindless level.


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