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Introducing ‘WTF Cinema’ Host Jeff Hillary, Who’s here to Tear Your Favorite Horror Movies to Shreds!

I’m a legitimate fan of Jeff Hillary, host to the low budget webseries, WTF Cinema. He’s an everyman, like you and I, just sitting back and speaking his honest thoughts on some of the more noteworthy films to hit the market. But unlike most, Jeff isn’t really here to highlight the goods, bads and everything in between, he’s here to give the poorly pieced together pictures the dose of ass ripping they so deserve! That’s right. There’s a very valid reason that WTF Cinema is called WTF Cinema.

Honesty goes a long way with me, and Jeff delivers in abundance. After watching his episode on Brotherhood of the Wolf, I knew we needed to get this guy involved in what we’re doing. And that’s exactly what you’ll see here in the coming months. We’ll be showcasing key episodes of WTF Cinema, and you’ll definitely want to watch. Jeff’s a little bit like a (forgive the cliché) car accident. You’ve just got to slow down to see what in the world this passionate maniac is addressing.

Jeff doesn’t limit himself to genre works alone (so if you notice chronological discrepancies in the WTF Cinema episodes featured on Addicted to Horror Movies, you know why), but he doesn’t shy away from them, either. You’ll get a chance to sample this outspoken critic’s work below, in that Brotherhood of the Wolf episode I just mentioned a moment ago. It’s damn entertaining, so watch it, and keep your eyes peeled – Jeff’s got more work headed our way soon!

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