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‘Storage 24’: A Relentless and Unforgiving Trek into the Unknown (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Johannes Roberts

Cast: Noel Clarke, Colin O’Donoghue, Antonia Campbell-Hughes

I caught this one a few years back when it debuted on VOD. I got a big kick out of it then, and not much has changed today. Storage 24 is still a little bit comical, a little bit tense, a lot bit violent and… Wait, did we mention there’s a massive face-eating, heart ripping monster involved? I can’t possibly leave that out. The bottom line is this: Storage 24 has a little bit of everything, and most of it is warmly welcomed by me.

The story sees a small group of friends on the fritz thanks to some infidelity issues. But they’ll have to put personal qualms aside, because they’re trapped in a massive storage facility, and there’s a skyscraper of an alien in the building with them. It’s happy to rip jaws from faces, devour those faces, stomp skulls out, rip hearts from chests… he’s not exactly a charming beast. And now Charlie, Nikki, Shelley and Mark must find a way to either escape the building or kill the monster before they’re turned into flesh confetti. But the underlying tension in the group seems to make everything just a little bit harder. Can the group make it out? Will the monster kill them? Will they kill each other? Valid questions, and we get some gratifying answers.

Johannes Roberts does a fine job of directing, and Noel Clarke’s story is nonstop action and yet still enables some emotional turmoil to snake its way into a series of life threatening scenarios. I got a kick out the special effects (seriously, the monster looks really cool in an ahead of its time vintage kind of way, if that makes a lick of sense), the monster looks wicked and the ensemble are on fire from the jump. Top to bottom, this is just a really well produced feature.

Fans of monster movies, and fans of claustrophobic surroundings are going to find replay value here. Those who feed on the human instability we see when infidelities are factored in, are also going to devour this one with a sinister smile. It may have flown a little under the radar, but Storage 24 is a relentless and unforgiving trek into the unknown. It’s also a really memorable movie. Just added it to my personal collection!

Rating: 3.5/5


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