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The Top 10 Bruce Campbell Movies

I feel as though I’ve compiled this list in the past. Not that it matters. Bruce is a living legend who’d helped bring life to some outlandish characters. And we love him for it. So maybe we write one top 10 Bruce Campbell piece. Maybe we write 100. The bottom line is, you’re going to read them, because deep down, you’re just like us. You love this oddball just as much as we do!

10 Congo – I’m still depressed that Bruce didn’t live to see much action in Congo. For my money, he was tailor made for this gig!

09 Waxwork II: Lost in Time – Once upon a time damn near every genre movie to come out was an absolute blast. That was in the 1980s, and one of those films was Waxwork II. Ultra goofy as it may seem now, it was a load of atmospheric fun, and so was seeing Bruce… all opened up!

08 Terminal Invasion – No one knows what this movie is. Those that do don’t tend to like it. But holy crap is completely sucks me in. This is exactly what I’m looking for in B-movie fare. And Bruce is top notch as the hero!

07 Maniac Cop – Remember when Bruce was doe eyed and a little chiseled? That was back in the old Maniac Cop days. Just look at this clip, and ladies, try not to swoon!

06 Escape from LA – Okay, if you temporarily forgot that Bruce was even in this film, we’ll give you a pass. This wasn’t Escape from New York after all. That said, you should remember, because he’s a freakish, diabolical character that emerges as one of the film’s most unnerving.

05 My Name is Bruce – This is a brilliant parody of a picture, with Bruce having a blast at poking fun at himself. The comedy wins big, and the flick is a must own!

04 Evil Dead – It’s insane and innovative. It’s completely creepy and guaranteed to make you question a trek into the woods. Is also the film that made Bruce Campbell, Bruce Campbell!

03 Bubba Ho-Tep – The one film to surpass an Evil Dead picture (don’t flame me!), and rival the other two, Bubba Ho-Tep is no joke. Jaw dropping dialogue and one of the most original concepts you will ever see on screen, Bubba Ho-Tep is a certified grand slam.

02 Army of Darkness – The wildest of the Evil Dead films, Army of Darkness takes us back to period insanity, where knights pretend to rule the land, until a bunch of ghastly skeletons and demons rise up to put everyone in their place. Everyone except Ash Williams, that is.

01 Evil Dead 2 – I love Evil Dead. But I love the gutsy laughter they piled on in Evil Dead 2 even more. The mood of the original is there, the terror of the original is there, but the jokes flow in a way we didn’t see in the first film (which for the record, brought a few good laughs). And that’s why Evil Dead 2 takes the top spot!

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1 Comment on The Top 10 Bruce Campbell Movies

  1. Vitina Molgaard // September 24, 2014 at 7:29 pm // Reply

    I absolutely love this list…and for whatever reason was not familiar with ‘My Name Is Bruce,’ but it looks like an absolute gas. I need to see this one. I have seen others listed here as well as some of his television work. I think he is great fun and more than often a bit of a maniac which is great.Just me..Vitina


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