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Throwback Cheesy Exploitation in ‘The Tentacle’s Claw’ Trailer

I’m a complete sucker for goofy exploitation flicks. Especially black and white, goofy exploitation flicks. Michael Rigler directs The Tentacle’s Claw, and it looks like a riot. So, why not spread the word and share the trailer?

You can check it out below.

The film stars Tara Manuel, Jerry Etienne, Mark Smallwood, Mike Payne, and Jim Parsons.

Look for this one to hit limited theaters in October.

Synopsis: Dr. Demonious Horlack has set up his laboratory of horrors in a quiet, seaside town. The former Nazi scientist has devised a way to manipulate simple creatures using the power of the mind. With the help of his assistant Gunda, he has gained control over a giant cephalopod, and is using the creature as his personal assassin.

Fortunately for the people of the planet, a humble schoolteacher, Marie LeMay, living in the same town. As the traumatic tentacle attacks start to take their gruesome toll, Marie begins to unlock her own innate, psychic abilities. Her brain scientist boyfriend, Professor Dick Goodwin, helps her recognize the potential she has deep within the recesses of her mind. The stage is set for an epic, psychic showdown. But can she prevail, or will Dr. Horlack carry out his evil plans to take over the world and make Marie his psychic slave-bride?

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