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‘Alien Abduction’ is a Refreshing Found Footage Film (Review)

Written by: Daniel Hadley

If you’re on a camping trip in a known UFO hotspot and you see strange lights in the sky, don’t dismiss them off hand, because they could end up killing you and every one you know and love. If only more people stuck to that rule… Although if that were the case we wouldn’t have this entertaining and creepy found footage flick.

After seeing strange light in the sky and dismissing them as nothing of any concern, a family of five wait until the next morning and head home only to come across a dark tunnel full of abandoned cars. They decide to check it out and in doing so incur the wrath of a group of Brutish looking Greys. Now I haven’t seen many movies where the standard alien that we all know and love (you know the tall thin guys with the big heads and oval black eyes) have ever looked this threatening, and the fact they are done with practical effects and not CGI makes them look all the more terrifying. Seriously these guys are scary and don’t hesitate to kill.

Another aspect of the movie I liked was how the found footage angle was handled. You see the youngest son has autism which leads him to constantly record everything he sees, which completely removed the most common complaint of “why the hell are they filming this?” It was quite refreshing to sit through a found footage movie without that constantly niggling at me.

The movie maintains a good level of tension throughout, the scene in the tunnel was particularly well done and these aliens are absolutely relentless in their pursuit of this poor family. I really wanted them to get away, but being lost in the woods at night with what seems like an entire legion of tall Creepy looking Greys hunting you (and the only thing separating you from and alien mother ship whose tractor beam can literally snap you in two is an old disused barn) is a pretty hopeless situation, and the movie does a great job of instilling a sense of dread and hopelessness all the way up until the end credits.

I’ve always said that a movie does not need to be original to be good and this movie is kind of a testament to that. It was creepy, the aliens were scary and I liked the characters which kind of just checks all the right boxes.

Rating: 3.5/5


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