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’Scavenger Killers’ is Gory Without Being Scary, or Funny (Review)

Written by: Tera Kirk

Directed by: Dylan Bank

Cast: Eric Roberts, Charles Durning, Robbert Loggia, Dustin Diamond, Rachel Robbins, Robert Bogue

Scavenger Killers starts out interestingly enough. Judge Taylor Limone (Robert Bogue) thinks laws are made for people other than him, apparently. Not only is he having sex with defense attorney Clara Lovering (film co-writer Rachael Robbins), but they’re both vicious serial killers who “serve justice” by picking their victims out of a hat. But for all the talk of justice, they see their “hobby” as a fun scavenger hunt.

Everything goes downhill from there.

All this slaughter catches the attention of the FBI, whose agents are no less bizarre than the killers. Agent Dewayne has psychic powers and can see the killers only when he gropes his partner’s breasts and sticks his fingers in her mouth; I think he’s also supposed to have Tourette Syndome. Another, Agent Truman, is “mute but not deaf” and his partner is only a mouth who interprets his sign language.

Ken Del Vecchio’s facial expressions and body language make Agent Truman fun to watch, and Robert Bogue is having such a good time playing an over-the-top villain that his enthusiasm is infectious. (It helps that the film really likes closeups of people’s faces.) But ultimately, the film is just one shock after another—and not in a good way. Clara and Judge Limone are so cruel and violent that I’m not invested in their story, while the FBI are more like quirk wastebaskets than people. Like half the things in this movie, their disabilities are purely played for laughs and they have no other traits.

Not even Eric Roberts and Charles Durning could save this Scavenger Killers. Between the extended gore tableaus involving unlikable people and the jokes that try too hard to be funny, the movie left me feeling apathetic, disgusted, and anxious for the thing to be over.

Rating: 0.5/5


About the author: Tera Kirk has loved horror movies since before her mom allowed her to watch most of them. (One of her fondest childhood memories is being terrified of the trailer for Stuart Gordon’s Dolls.) She has written for Monsters At Play, and reviews video games for Her more-or-less personal website is Sweet Perdition.

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