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Watch ‘Bereavement’ if You Like Blood, Gore and Lots of Screaming (Review)

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Directed by: Stevan Mena

Cast: Michael Biehn, Alexandra Daddario, Brett Rickaby and Spencer List

2010-103 min. run time.


“There are some evils…so unspeakable…they will scar you forever.”

I was all set to watch a cheesy movie and surprise, surprise this actually turned out to be pretty good. No, I don’t think it will or has ever been nominated for anything but it kept me watching. The story opens with a little boy named Martin playing alone in his yard. A man approaches and offers Martin a bike, so off he goes never to be seen again.

Martin (List) suffers from a rare disease in which he feels no pain; it’s this deficiency that has kept him alive these past 5 years.  Martin’s kidnapper is Graham Sutter (Rickaby) a serial killer who enjoys torturing young women before killing them at the abandoned meat packing company that his family owned and where he resides. Graham mistakes Martin’s lack of feeling as strength and has been forcing him to watch the brutalities and at times even participate in them.

Things begin to fall apart for Graham when Allison Miller (Daddario) moves in with her Uncle Jonathan (Biehn). Uncle Jon has warned Allison to stay clear of the old Sutter place but of course that doesn’t happen. While out jogging one day she catches a glimpse of a young boy looking out a broken window at the Sutter place. Throwing caution to the wind she goes in to investigate, and soon becomes Graham’s latest captive.

Allison may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she does manage to put up a brave front and rescue herself and Martin. Only, things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes dogs bite the hand that feeds them.  Never saw it coming, great ending!

This movie is also known as Malevolence: Bereavement, the reason being is this is actually a prequel to Malevolence (2003)! This is a great back story for Martin, showing what made him into the killer he has become. Like I stated previously this not an award winning movie, and it can at times come across as an old 80’s slasher flick, but it is still solid enough to watch if you like blood, gore and lots of screaming.

Rating: 3.5/5


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