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(Netflix Instant Guide) What’s Hot on Netflix Horror This November

If you’re looking to find some quality new viewing on Netflix, we’ve got you covered. The company’s streaming department has now been a go-to for hardcores for some time, and that isn’t about to change in November. There are a number of kick ass flicks that just landed in the lineup, including a classic or two, and an assortment of brand spanking new flicks. Here’s what’s hot on Netflix in November.

Fine New Additions

Beneath: Love subterranean terror? Beneath just went live a few days ago, and while it isn’t universally adored, I’m not the only one who found it surprisingly entertaining. It’s got its faults, but for my buck, Jeff Fahey’s appearance alone is worth the time. The addition of a few impressive performances and a handful of truly eerie shots all but guarantees this one will be deemed worthy by many.

Mockingbird: I wasn’t huge on Mockingbird. That said, I’m a little spent on found footage horror. If you like the first person craziness that comes with pics of this nature, and you’re willing to look beyond some very suspect decision making on the part of Bryan Bertino, you may find Mockingbird to be a disturbing effort.

Snowpiercer: This is post-apocalyptic terror at its finest. It’s creative and imaginative, bold and generally fearless in its decision making. Snowpiercer is one of those rarities that defies odds and breaks molds, and succeeds the entire time. It’s all about earth’s few survivors who are trapped on a massive speeding train, battling for equality. Amazing stuff, right here!

In Fear: One of the finer indie flicks to surface over the last few years, In Fear is a claustrophobic ride through a repetitious landscape of chills. It’s well-shot and loaded with tense moments and an impending dread that begins early and never once eases up. If you’re hoping the terror subsides as the final moments tick away, your hope is in vain. Amazing, moving little flick that deserves a lot more love than it gets.

Witching & Bitching: Jesus is an armed robber in this film. That should be more than enough to warm your heart and convince you to check it out. If it’s not, rest assured, Witching & Bitching has jusr the right blend of horror and comedy to win the bulk of fans over. This is an awesome, awesome movie that no one can convince me isn’t an awesome movie. Really, watch it, ASAP!

Mine Games: Mine Games is decorated as every other teenie bopper shocker, but there’s more here than meets the eye. The story is interesting, the characters are surprisingly likable (this one doesn’t suffer from personality neglect) and the acting is far superior to what you may anticipate. All is not as it may seem in Mine Games, and the feature is definitely worth at least a single viewing.

The Monkey’s Paw: I’ve never seen a Chiller production that I’d label amazing, but there are a few out there that at least strive for greatness, and The Monkey’s Paw is one of them. There are a few players involved who apparently forgot (or never new) how to act, and there are some silly ideas to field, but in general, there’s entertainment value to be found here (Stephen Lang is great, though I confess to a little fanboyism). It’s certainly far stronger than your typical SyFy production, and if you head into this one without the world of expectation, you might find something you can really sink your teeth into.

80s Love

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark is a safe throwback bet for fans of the horror host, or just those who love the extremely well endowed genre personality Elvira. It’s campy as all hell, but few things beat gazing at this lovely lady, especially this lovely lady during her prime, back in the ’80s.

The Old School Pick

The Fly: Kurt Neumann’s original sci-fi/horror hybrid, The Fly is a flick driven by story, so in truth, it’s a little slow. Especially when compared to Cronenberg’s mind numbing remake. That said, Vincent Price turns in one of his greatest showings, and the story is genuinely enthralling. This is a big winner for any fan of vintage horror fare.

Terror on TV

Dexter: At this point in time, just about everyone alive knows what Dexter is all about. Dex is a forensics wiz, who ensures he keeps busy at work by moonlighting as a serial killer. He only disposes of the real nasties of the world, of course. And he’s a morally upstanding guy… right? Check out all eight seasons of this heavily praised Showtime series. The later seasons lose a bit of steam, but seasons one through four are downright amazing.

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