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‘Wolves’ is Kind of Like an Awesome But Hokey 80s Flick

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: David Hayter

Cast: Jason Momoa, Merritt Patterson, Lucas Till, Stephen McHattie

One of the more challenging reviews I’ve crafted in recent memory, Wolves isn’t technically a good movie. At all. In fact, it’s got a very, very suspect script and seems to revel in the idea of showcasing astoundingly ludicrous sequences with beaming pride. It’s an absolute train wreck. And I got a serious kick out of it! Damn thing held my attention like few manage, and I can’t explain why.

It’s all about a kid, Cayden Richards (Lucas Till) who goes about his everyday high school life like a normal kid, until he suddenly changes out of the blue, transforming into a werewolf and tearing his own family apart. It’s pavement pounding for Cayden, as he attempts to avoid the law while learning a bit more about his affliction. That mission leads him to Lupine Ridge, where he’ll find love, new family *Stephen McHattie, Cayden’s new uncle figure, is absolutely amazing in this one!) and of course, war.

The synopsis sounds awesome. It’s the script details that are all over the place. The tone of the film feels quite off as well. Watching the film, I couldn’t shake the desire to break out in constant laughter. But it’s not really a comedic piece, the absurdity of it all just seems like a bad joke you can’t help but laugh at. And there I was, totally and completely transfixed, no laughter spilling from my lips.

The thing is, Wolves was just a blast of brainless entertainment. The werewolves look a little bit like vintage Universal werewolves (it’s kind of like seeing Lon Chaney Jr. in a contemporary feature… kind of), and the storyline plays out like one of those hokey 80s flicks that you just can’t help but love. Throw in an extremely sexy young lady in Merritt Patterson and a sound villain in Jason Momoa and you’re talking about the strangest success story to surface in recent memory.

Don’t look into Wolves with the hope of unearthing a gloriously perfect piece. This is definitely, definitely not a perfect movie. But it’s got the charm of a drunken Juliette, and tonight I’m more than game to play Romeo.

Rating: 3.5/5


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