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‘Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort’ Offers a Unique Spin (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Valeri Miley

Cast: Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Aqueela Zoll

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is successful in a few unexpected areas. The scope of the story is much larger than any film in the franchise to precede Last Resort. It’s ambitious, introducing sick family ties, pseudo-possession and a grander scheme for the story’s antagonists than ever toyed with up to this point. This isn’t just about a handful of mutant redneck cannibals, this is – believe it or not – about a legacy and forward momentum for these flesh chompers. I know that sounds crazy, and I admit it feels a bit crazy while watching the flick, but it’s true.

But here’s the thing, that ambition, whipped up by screenwriter Frank H. Woodward and director Valeri Milev, could actually be too much for this brand. If the story had taken a turn of this nature within the first three installments, it would have worked to establish a longer term plan and a more in depth idea to explore, and we likely would have seen a more unique series of pictures before we’d had the chance to become a little worn on the cliches that abound in these movies. This could have been an awesome launch point, but I fear at this point it’s too little, too late. There are too many of these films to convince long time followers to buy into a radically different idea, and it isn’t likely that persistence in heading this direction for future Wrong Turn films will convince anyone to hang on while the story is revamped some 10-plus years after inception. That’s a train to catch early, and the previous Wrong Turn contributors failed to ever even see the locomotive coming, let alone board it.

The gore in the film is excellent (keep an eye out for the… how shall I put this… distended belly scene), but you’ll need to wait an hour to really absorb the gruesome stuff. That wait however isn’t any deterrent, as the slow burn of this picture allows for time to properly introduce most of the key personalities. And once the blood and guts are upon us, we really do get some wonderfully disgusting practical work with a measured dose of visual effects to make a few of the more challenging shots possible. The acting is decent, and while the details of the script often feel a little convoluted, there’s still an interesting tale here.

Last Resort isn’t as jarring as the original Wrong Turn, but it could very easily be considered the second best franchise feature. The second flick was a somewhat cheap, underwhelming affair (I still appreciate it for the ridiculousness that it offers), the third was very forgettable and both the fourth and fifth were absolutely dreadful. It’s great to see that Declan O’Brien is no longer attached to this franchise, as I really felt he left the brand buried so deep that a return to glory seemed completely impossible. But, it could still happen, and that brings to light another question: Even if this new direction catches on with fans, how many more Wrong Turn films will studios brave?

Interesting installment here that could make or break the franchise. We’ll see how the public responds to this new twist.  

Rating: 2.5/5


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