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‘Extraterrestrial’ is a Big Improvement Over ‘Grave Encounters’ (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: The Vicious Brothers

Cast: Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Jesse Moss

I’m having a hard time identifying my true feelings for The Vicious Brothers’ latest, Extraterrestrial. On one hand, it’s a significantly more refined production than Grave Encounters. On the other hand, it’s completely loaded with just about every cliche in existence. At least the decision to abandon the found footage approach proves satisfying.

The story is as simple as they come. A group of youngsters head out, deep into a rural area where a cabin awaits. It’s all about booze, weed, sex and generally rambunctious behavior. Until an alien spacecraft crashes just a mile or so away. These curious drunkards rush to check out the crash, mystified by what they’re witnessing. But that awe quickly turns to fear when the aliens start obliterating everyone. You see what I mean when I say the story is simple?

In this instance there’s no real effort to make a moving or innovative film. The Vicious Brothers are obviously content to play it safe as long as they can draw some joy from audiences, some way. It would be nice to see an original concept from these two, but I don’t think that waits on the horizon. So, if you like brainless chillers, these guys can hold you over.

The flick boasts some quality acting (Jesse Moss is always a lunatic), there are a couple eerie shots of the aliens and there’s even a healthy sized pot farm in the mix. The movie moves quickly, which is an obvious plus. There’s enough here to keep a lot of fans entertained, and I can’t bag on these guys much. This is head and shoulders above Grave Encounters, and that’s enough for me.

Rating: 2.5/5


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