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More of the Same, ‘Fright Night Part 2’ is a Stinker Without Teeth (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Tommy Lee Wallace

Cast: William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall, Traci Lind

The first time I caught Fright Night Part 2 I was somewhere around the tender age of 10. And I wasn’t impressed. In fact, I was so far from impressed, I didn’t revisit the film for about 25 years. And sadly, after all these years and after all the miserable, great and just plain dull movies I’ve seen in that stretch, failed to afford me any other angle from which to view the movie. I’m still not impressed.

There’s a reason this movie has all but gone forgotten. It’s not good, in any way.

What it is, is a near carbon copy of Tom Holland’s film. Dandrige is out, in his place is a sultry blood sucker who toys with men’s emotions before draining them of their blood. Charley is still around, spotting quirky things, and he’s still game to bring poor old Peter Vincent into the fold. But this time they’ll be forced to battle a tangle of neck biters, including one (played by Jonathan Gries) who looks an awful lot a werewolf (got mixed up in the wrong pack?) and of course, the great super human protector.

It’s literally the same story, slightly beefed up.

But the magic is gone, Charley’s a college kid now, Peter lives in an active apartment building… there’s no small town suburbia feel to it. It’s gone, the intimacy done away with without a second thought. That’s unfortunate, as it really just forces the pic into standard territory that we’ve ventured time and again.

It was great to see William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall together again on screen, especially reprising iconic roles. But the magic that popped between the two in Fright Night isn’t detectable here. A few of the gags are slightly more disturbing than what we saw in the first flick, but that’s not a good thing in this case. As much as I hate to say it, Fright Night Part 2 is a stinker with no teeth.

Rating: 2/5


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1 Comment on More of the Same, ‘Fright Night Part 2’ is a Stinker Without Teeth (Review)

  1. Wayne C. Rogers // January 19, 2015 at 12:21 am // Reply

    I saw Fright Night 2 when it came out in 1988. While not as good as the original Fright Night with William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall, I still enjoyed it. Maybe it was because of Julie Carmen as the female vampire. I was definitely smitten with her. I knew, however, that it would be a stuff gig to do a movie as good as the original. I would give it a low 4-star rating for effort and for bringing back Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent. On another note, I was on Elivira’s website last night, and I didn’t know that before she took over the small tv show on a Los Angeles network back in the eighties, there had been an actual Fright Night show that was hosted by Larry Vincent. I would have to assume that’s where Tom Holland got his idea for the movie.


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