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‘Evil Dead’ (2013) Proves Remakes Can Rock

Written by: Eli “The Butcher” Bang

Directed by: Fede Alvarez

Cast: Mia-Jane Levy, David-Shiloh Fernandez, Eric-Lou Taylor Pucci, Olivia-Jessica Lucas, Natalie-Elizabeth Blackmore..

Remaking a classic with a modern twist… never been one for remakes but I truly loved this one..

It all starts with 5 young friends at a secluded cabin out in the middle of nowhere. Here they have gathered to save Mia-Jane Levy from her addiction. It doesn’t take long for things to get rolling when a trap door to an under ground cellar is found.. An ancient book is found. It seems rather obvious that it should have been left alone, like really don’t read this book. But without it there would be no movie so bring on the curse.

A storm traps the cast out in the woods with no escape and then all the fun starts. You’re all going to die tonight, I give it an A++ for gore… there is not a ton of it, but when it happens it made me cringe a little. One by one the possessed come up with totally awesome ways to torment, maim and kill. Beware of Demon chicks with nail guns.

​The small setting of a cabin out in the woods helps keep the move moving.. once the sun goes down there is no escape and not a lot of down time.

I found the acting in the movie pretty good overall and the characters were very real. Plus there is nothing like an old cabin in the woods to add to the creepy feeling of the movie.

I guess if there is a down side to the movie it is just that, a rush through a pretty good horror story line. They show up all goes crazy, hacked up and mutilated the end.

From bloodbath to sunrise. I liked Mia-Jane Levy as evil Ash chainsaw and all.

I would have to say this was a good remake of one of my favorite movies ever.

Rating: 4/5


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