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Help See ‘Krampus: The Devil Returns’ Finalized!

Krampus: The Devil Returns sounds like a badass project. I mean, come on – who doesn’t love the legendary menace, and who doesn’t want to see him unleashing terror on viewers?

We know we do! That’s why we’re not hesitating to support Snowdog Studio’s current mission to see the film finalized.

The good folks at Snowdog are calling on the genre masses to help see this project finalized, and they’re turning to us, the hardcore fans to make sure that becomes a reality.

This is a FanBacked project, and the guys need your help to hammer away at those final nails. We’re on board, and you can be too by visiting the official Krampus: The Devil Returns FanBacked page (right here!) and dropping a little coin (there are some awesome featured rewards available to those who donate)!

In Krampus: The Devil Returns, Snowdog Studio brings Krampus back to continue punishing children who’ve made the naughty list for Christmas. But Jeremy, your favorite character from the original, is back on the case. After having been kidnapped by Krampus and escaping even as his entire family “disappeared”, he’s helping the authorities bring Krampus’ reign of holiday terror to an end.


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