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The 5 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2015

Written by: Wesley Thomas 

Love horror movies? Who doesn’t? This year in particular, boasts some truly incredible horror movie releases. Some original debuts, and some sequels to horror films that have built a rather large following of dedicated fans. So, based on overall hype online I have compiled a list of the five most anticipated horror movies of 2015.

Let’s start with Insidious 3. This movie franchise has already made millions. The first movie started with a fairly modest budget (for Hollywood) of $1.5 million. But went on to gross over $53 million. Directed by the incredibly talented director James Wan, this has become a cult classic for all serious horror fans. It also boasts the amazingly talented acting skills of Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson. Not forgetting Lin Shaye. The story of a young boy who can dream travel. But who goes too far and becomes trapped in a deadly place. The second movie also did remarkably well, paving the way for the third. Just by the facts and figures from the first two films of the series, and having created and sustained a great reputation for genuine scares and interesting storylines, we expect the third to be even more terrifying and intriguing. There is a lot of hype to live up too, but I am confident the cast and crew will crush the expectations and overindulge us in terror.

Release Date: June 5th, 2015

From the very same producer that brought us Insidious also generously brought us Sinister. Ethan Hawke leads the way in this chilling tale regarding a bunch of gruesome tapes being discovered in an attic. In its opening weekend alone it made $18 million, and has continued to gross over $48,000,000. Building a worldwide presence for horror addicts, thus allowing Sinister 2. Once again, judging by the superb success of the first movie, the second has a lot to live up too.

Release Date: August 21st 2015

1988 was the last time we heard the word Poltergeist. 27 years later it’s coming back for us! The original Poltergeist had a budget of a whopping 10,000,000. But that was a good investment as the movie grossed $76 million! And this was back in the eighties! After two follow-on movies in the Poltergeist franchise, it came to an end, or so we thought. But now, in 2015, a bunch of talented actors, directors, producers and crew members have teamed up to scare our socks off! But will this movie be well received over two decades later? Will the modernisations and popular culture affect the movie’s worth? I guess we’ll see.

Release Date: May 22nd, 2015


Now very little has been heard about this movie. Another insertion into a franchise after several years have passed. But given the success of the first two movies, a third is due for release in November of this year. Samara is coming for us. Yeah, you guessed it, a Ring 3! Supposedly named Rings. We all know the drill with this movie. You watch a tape, you have so many hours before Samara comes for you, unless you pass it onto someone else by making them watch it. In a nutshell. So what will the third movie do? What new scares will it bring to the table? Will it be a flop? Or will it make us fall in love with the series all over again? The modern audience has become somewhat desensitized to horror, very little terrifies us anymore. Which makes the job of a horror writer, actor, director, or producer, a difficult one. What can they bring us that we haven’t already seen? How can they make us jump? How can they haunt our subconscious? I wonder…..

Release Date: November 13th, 2015

Finally, we have an original Crimson Peak. But why are we anticipating this so much? Well besides the fact that the trailer is kickass, it stars a certain actor most of us know. Mr Charlie Hunman, known as the leading man of Sons Of Anarchy, you know, the biker series. Not forgetting Tom Hiddleson (Avengers) Jessica Chastain (Mama) and Burn Gorman (The Dark Knight Rises). With a cast like that we would only expect an excellent original. Let’s hope they don’t disappoint!

Release Date: October 16th, 2015


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  1. What about Stranger, Knock Knock, Before I Wake, The Nightmare, The Visit, Phantasm: Ravager, Yoga Hosers, Dark Was The Night and He Never Died to Name a few


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