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‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ Season One Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

In Hell’s Kitchen, a morally bankrupt city, with plenty of crooks and criminals lurking in dark alleys and ominous shadows, is someone who wants to change things, who wants to make a difference. That brave and dedicated individual is Daredevil, otherwise known as Matt Murdock. Matt selflessly takes on powerful individuals in hopes of eradicating the scum from the sidewalks, and creating a safe place free of murder, death, corruption, sexual assault, slavery, and torture.

This series is refreshingly original. Now I hear what you’re thinking, it’s based on a movie, and there are plenty of shows about heroines battling all forms of evil. But when I said ‘original’ I wasn’t referring to the overall plot, but the story lines, and execution. The acting is phenomenal for starters. Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox really captures the essence of a blind man who wants to take his city back from the crooks and criminals. And kudos on the American accent as Charlie is British, and pulls off quite an impressive American accent. You may recognize him from Downton Abbey and Stardust, and think is this actor really capable of taking on such a role? The answer is yes. Not to mention, he’s pretty easy on the eyes. Let’s not leave out his sidekicks Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll). His best friend Foggy who has known him for years, ever since they studied law together, is clueless to his night time activities. And a woman who started out as a helpless victim, became a valuable part of their brand new law firm.

So you have a rough idea of what goes on in the show. But why is it so great? Why should you watch it? Well besides the previously mentioned points, there are a few others.

A Decent Spot Of Violence

Do you enjoy on screen violence? But loath unrealistic fight scenes? This is where Daredevil has an edge. The fight scenes are brutal! Blood, guts, stabs, crushed and dismember body parts, broken bones and other vicious, incredibly graphic qualities to the battles. Props have to go to the stunt team on executing these flawless fights. But the beatings aren’t just Matt whooping some ass, he equally gets his butt kicked. This brings something new to the hero genre. It shows a darker side to heroics that some Hollywood movies leave out. Heroes get banged up, badly. And in this show we are shown just how badly. It brings a sense of realism to the show. Not just punches and kicks where the individuals keep getting up and carrying on in an unbelievable game of fisticuffs. Matt gets knocked down, and often viciously attacked. Also, he runs out of breath, which is another element of realism. He isn’t superhuman, he is just very well trained in martial arts. So it makes sense to have him running of out breath between blows. But violence is but one of the reasons to watch.


Oh How Pretty

On a visual scale, the shots and camera work are stunning. The director of photography brings an artistic side to the show. Beautiful shots of the city, to moving camera work during tense scenes or epic battles. This is something that is often overlooked, so I feel it needed mentioning.

Oh No They Didn’t!

Furthermore the script writers are truly ruthless when it comes to plot twists and character deaths. They don’t play by any rules or go along with the preconceived notion that main characters can’t die. They do as they please, which makes for mind-blowing entertainment. From incredible cliffhangers, unseen twists, and unexpected murders, they bring their A game to the table.


Money, Money, Money

Then we have the exploitation of the rich and powerful. There has always been the belief of ‘rich man’s justice’. A conspiracy that the insanely wealthy can buy their way out of any problem. This helps create hatred for the antagonist Wilson Fisk played by the marvelously talented Vincent D’Onofrio. We jump from hating him, to empathizing with him, to feeling sorry for him, to wanting the creep dead. A sensational actor who plays a complex villain.

Drink Anyone?

Sidebar? There is a lot of alcohol. Whiskey, wine, vodka and other spirits are usually in the background, or filling a glass that a character is holding. From bars, to drinking at home, I wonder if one of the sponsors is a distillery. I say this because even though I am not a whiskey drinker myself, after every episode I crave a nice shot with some ice in a crystal glass. But given the circumstances of each character, it is no surprise they hit the bottle so hard, so often. Again, realism!


Was That Real?

The next point blends with the fight scenes, by mentioning the extraordinary special effects. So the fights are painfully realistic, but the effects in general are amazing. From injuries, to crashes, collapses, explosions and so on. Both CGI and the special FX makeup team have done an awesome job. Having bad effects, I feel, breaks the connection with the viewer. We are enthralled and captivated, watching the mayhem and drama unfolding on onscreen, to then have a completely fake, off-putting and annoying effect distract us from the story.

Well that’s all folks, for now. And good news, I hear the show has been recommissioned for a second season, with some big stars to join the case in their pursuit of peace. But what I really want is to see Elektra join the show to help Matt kick some vermin booty. Let’s give it up to the cast, crew, production, and of course, Netflix!



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