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All You Need to Know About ‘Scary Little F*ckers’ Including Some New Footage!

Written by: Matt Molgaard

The idea of a Gremlins parody sounds… totally and completely amazing to me! Director Nathan Suher goes out on a limb to thrill viewers as well as leave them in stitches and I for one cannot wait to get a look this flick. It sounds far too entertaining to pass up!

We’ve got all kinds of info to share about the production, as well as!

IM Filmworks’ next film, SCARY LITTLE FUCKERS (A CHRISTMAS MOVIE) is moving into the final stages of post production this summer. The film, a holiday horror/comedy parody of the 80’s cult classic GREMLINS, is directed by Nathan Suher and co-produced by Suher and Richard Marr-Griffin.

Nathan Suher says, “I’ve never been the biggest fan of modern horror because I don’t believe there have been many recent films that transcend the genre. SCARY LITTLE FUCKERS (A CHRISTMAS MOVIE) lampoons these films and adapts the classic horror genre into something new and entertaining.”

SCARY LITTLE FUCKERS (A CHRISTMAS MOVIE) features a cast of New England talent headed by Josh Fontaine, Anna Rizzo, Rich Tretheway, Monica Saviolakis, Geoff White, Mary Ferrara, and Mark Carter.

Co-producing the film is Richard Marr-Griffin, New England’s most prolific and successful independent filmmaker, who has secured global distribution deals for many of his films. The accomplished screenwriter is Lenny Schwartz, a playwright and screenwriter who has had many of his scripts produced for film and stage.

Nathan Suher plans to complete post on SCARY LITTLE FUCKERS (A CHRISTMAS MOVIE) by summer’s end and is working on securing an official release date for this October

Synopsis: On Christmas eve an inebriated dad brings home to his adolescent son a gift he hopes will mend their faltering relationship, a Fookah, a devilish and disgusting creature that in turn wrecks havoc on their lives.

Dig on the trailer below. It’s bad ass. And it’s going to have you salivating to see this!


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