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‘The Gallows’ is Terribly Disappointing (Review)

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Directed by: Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing

Cast: Reese Mishler, Pfeifer Brown, Ryan Shoos, Cassidy Gifford

Great poster, cool trailer! And, that’s where the praise ends! What a terribly disappointing movie. When I see Blumhouse Productions associated with a film, I think scary, intense, alas this was not! It was given a R rating due to some “disturbing violent content and terror,” I’m scratching my head and saying Huh? What did I miss? This movie should be PG, that’s how tame it is.

So, this is the premise. A group of high schoolers are putting on a play that was once done some 20 years ago at their school. During the original play a teen named Charlie was hanged by accident. We spend the first 35 minutes of this film watching the teens of today interact with one another and talk about the upcoming production. Boring!! During this time we are introduced to the main characters, there’s Reese Houser (Mishler) and Pfeifer Brown (Ross) who are to star in the play; and then there is Ryan Shoos (Shoos) and his girlfriend Cassidy Gifford (Spilker) who are Ryan’s friends. Got it?

It was so hard to watch, Ryan runs around with a digital camera filming everything that is occurring, so most of the time you are watching a shaky film with bad lighting. On the few occasions that Ryan puts down his camera, you have a nice picture. Too bad he didn’t keep his camera down more often!

Finally, we think we will see the good stuff. Reese is a bad actor, so Ryan and Cassidy talk him into going along with them to destroy the set on the night before the play; that way he can save face. While taking apart the set, Pfeifer shows up and is devastated by their actions. Suddenly the teens realize they are not alone! And then, that was it; the scariest point of the whole film. What follows is a mish mash of old clichés, no make you jump moments, no covering the eyes, just more boredom. Again, most of this was filmed with a shaky camera, fuzzy picture and at times too dark to see. Even the ending was no surprise.

I don’t know what happened, but this turned out to be a bad made for TV movie. Truly, just watch the trailer and pretend you saw the movie, it’s that bad. I really hate giving bad reviews, I try to always find some type of saving grace, but it’s just not here.

Rating: 0/5



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3 Comments on ‘The Gallows’ is Terribly Disappointing (Review)

  1. I kinda figured this would be bad, I was going to review it tomorrow after I saw it in the theater, you saved me the trouble :), its kind of sad that even Blumhouse cant get found footage right anymore, one thing I find really strange is that audiences don’t tend to like found footage horror outside of the Paranormal Activity franchise and even that doesn’t garner much interest these days, I don’t get why the keep making them, i suppose they are incredibly Cheap to produce and always turn a profit so I suppose there’s that, Nice review


    • what’s interesting is crowds seem EXTREMELY split on this. I’ve now read a few reviews from people who LOVE it and people who HATE it. I think it may be one that we just have to each individually experience.


  2. Paula Limbaugh // July 14, 2015 at 4:49 am // Reply

    Thanks! I truly feel bad giving such a negative review, but I would hate to see anyone else spending money to see this. I had a 17 yr. old with me and she said even thought it was boring.


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