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‘Scream’ Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Exposed’ Review

Written by: Ignacio Ramirez

This week’s episode had a very ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ feel to it because of it centering mostly on the teen drama part of the plot, which isn’t completely a bad thing. ‘Exposed’ literally exposes Emma and Will’s pre-teen sex tape (which just sounds wrong when heard out loud) and puts Emma on the map even more than she already was with her friends dropping like flies.

Later that night the town hosted a memorial for the recent victims when the killer once again disturbs Emma with another threatening text about her mother while at the podium reading a speech about her deceased friends. What I found likeable about this scene was how after the text was read, Emma searches through the crowd examining everyone who could be a possible suspect, which just gave off such a paranoid vibe making the audience even more suspicious of whom could be involved.

Detective Lorraine Brock, a new character thrown in the batch has been assigned to the case to help Sherriff Hudson prevent more murders and unlocking the secrets that burden the town. If Ghostface were to kill an officer of the law I believe it would be Det. Brock because of her strong attitude and her curiosity with the killings, but when I found out that she and Hudson had a past it made me think that Brock’s only intention is to bother him, rather than help him. Don’t get me wrong, I truly think she’s in it to win it with this case, but if she gets Hudson out of it as well that’d be even better.

So the next day begins with Brooke and Jake having a conversation about Emma and Will and how Nina made a bet that he couldn’t make, the then unknown Emma, sleeps with him. Emma over hears the two arguing about not lying to her which sparks her curiosity and makes Brooke spill the secret. An emotional Emma runs into Piper and they have a personal conversation in hopes to make Emma feel better… or just maybe get more juicy drama details out of her. Whatever the reason we did learn a bit about Piper’s past and her father’s murder.

After Piper leaves, Emma runs into another familiar face – one that she isn’t very happy to see: Will. I love this scene for many reasons. For one Emma slaps Will’s two faced ass and dumps him on the spot then leaves (joined by Audrey, Noah, Will and other students) for a self-defense class at the high school. The highlight of this scene is of course when Audrey slams down Will when they’re paired up by the instructor and she whispers in his ear, “How does it feel to take it in front of everyone?” This is the first I’m mentioning this but I totally ship Emma and Audrey together and I’ve searched everywhere on tumblr and I cannot for the life of me find any ship names for them, maybe Emdry or something like that? I did find some blogs who ship Emdry and I’m so happy I’m not the only one because I just ship them so hard.

Which brings me to my rant on how Kieran is completely in the way of Emma’s true love Audrey. He’s super aggravating and just roaming around with really no plot line except for the new kid line which got old pretty fast, so I’m sure you guys can guess my feelings on the end of the episode, bleh. Anyway, another clue was discovered by Noah that malware from Mr. Branson’s homework gave a window hack into other’s device’s cameras, which totally raises eye brows and proves that Branson is such a creep and cannot be trusted.

Audrey and Noah also pointed out how Emma and Will’s little tape was filmed from an angle that suggests Mr. Branson and his hack are a part of it, but why? It seems like we’re always asking that question, but this one I’m especially curious about because what would Branson get out of the videos unless he’s also part of the black mailing, which would explain Jakes confidence in confronting Brooke about their love affair. Jake also seems to know a lot considering he’s a complete idiot – or maybe that’s just an act so people would underestimate him, either way he decided to throw Will under the bus by showing Brooke the video of her dad dragging a body wrapped in plastic out of his car, and blaming Will for keeping such a secret and black mailing her father. While the two watched the video, Brooke’s dad in fact was spying on them through the security cameras and was deciding to go after Will because of what Jake said. I’m just excited to see what he’ll do to Will, maybe take his money back, report him or worse – kill him.


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