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Sad and Frightening, ‘When Animals Dream’ is One to Look Into (Review)

Når Dyret Vågner Alpaville Production CopenhagenApS Directed byJonas Arnsby Photo Credit:Rolf Konow

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Directed by: Jonas Alexander Arnby

Cast: Sonia Suhl, Lars Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter

Hmm, what an interesting film, not really horror in the sense that this would evoke nightmares, but horror as “What a terrible thing to happen.”  Filmed in Denmark, the language spoken is Danish with English sub-titles. But, don’t let put you off, the story is easy to follow and the cinematography is beautiful.

Marie (Suhl) is a teenaged girl, living in a small fishing village with her parents. Her mother, Mor (Richter) is confined to a wheelchair, unable to care for herself. Marie doesn’t really know what ails her mom and just accepts it as a part of life. When Marie begins to notice what looks to be a rash spreading on her chest, her father sends her to see the local doctor. Unbeknownst to her, both her father and the doctor know exactly what is wrong with her.

Slowly, strange changes take place within her and recurring nightmares of brutal animalistic slayings plague her sleep. Marie begins to look for answers and what she finds is horrifying. Everything comes to a head when her mother uses all of her reserve to protect Marie from becoming stuck in a vegetative state as she has been placed in.

Her father, played so well by Lars Mikkelson, has nothing but love for his wife and daughter; ah, but not even he can protect them from what they are. Turns out the villagers all know of Mor’s “illness” and are watching Marie to see if she too will become the same.

This story is both sad and frightening as you watch Marie come to terms with her lot in life. The beginning starts out a bit slow as the characters are shaped, and crescendos into a heart-wrenching ending. I guess the best way to describe the film is…. it’s a coming of age story with a twist.

So, if you’re looking for jumps and scares, don’t bother; but if you want something a bit thought-provoking, do see this! I for one, liked it.

Rating: 4/5



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