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‘Bedfellows’: More or Less Creepy (Review)

Written by: Lois Kennedy 

Directed by: Drew Daywalt

Cast: Kerry Finlayson, Peter Giliberti, Edin Gali

I was about halfway through the movie Arbitrage, a drama about an unethical businessman, trying to remember why I wanted to watch it, when my sister Leslie texted me this: “There’s a short that u should watch. It’s called ‘Bedfellows.’ It freaked me out.” She urged, “U should seriously watch it though. And tell me if it’s really scary or if I’m just a wuss.” Knowing she is indeed not a wuss and more than happy to divert my attention from Arbitrage (though to be fair it does pick up towards the end), I found Bedfellows on YouTube.

The film is less than three minutes long, but it packs a punch. It sets the scene by establishing shots of the darkened bedroom of happy couple Rachel and Danny. Rachel is awakened by her phone ringing. It’s on Danny’s side of the bed, and after her request to hand her the phone is ignored, she reaches over the lump beside her and gets it herself. It turns out to be Danny on the phone, saying he forgot his keys and asking her to let him in. Rachel looks in horror to what she thought was Danny in the bed, which is revealed to the viewer to be a monster. It’s reminiscent of Max Schreck’s Nosferatu with its pale face, inhuman stare, and scraggly teeth. It looks at the camera, grinning, then rolls its eyes up to Rachel, who’s gathering the courage to pull up the blanket…And that’s enough spoilers.

The studio that released the movie, FEWDIO, describes its staff as people who “create nightmares.” What the film does well is create a scene that’s like a nightmare. The creature appears and is unexplained and mysterious. It brings to life a primeval, childish fear of a monster under the bed and puts it in the bed. However, that monster sure is gleeful, and I couldn’t decide whether in its enthusiasm it’s cute or scary. I told Leslie, “He looks so happy.” She pointed out, “That’s why it’s creepy! He’s waiting for her to lift the covers, and he’s excited!”

Bedfellows did stay with me—for a little while. I watched it again and recommended it to a friend with the warning that it was not to be seen alone. That night, my husband was out late with his friends, and while getting into bed I made sure to crawl over his side of the bed. If that thing was waiting for me, it was going to get a good trouncing first. However, when Andrew came home I made him watch it and I couldn’t help laughing. Overall, it’s supremely easy to find and watch, and is totally worth three minutes of your time—whether it creeps you out or amuses you.

Rating: 4.5/5

Lois Kennedy is an avid horror fan who also loves to write. You can find her under her pseudonym GhoulieJoe on YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook.  

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