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‘Kristy’ is Fantastic Review


Written by: Wesley Thomas

Directed byOliver Blackburn

CastHaley BennettAshley GreeneLucas Till

If you’re looking for a horror movie dripping with tension and suspense, then this is it! ’Kristy’ has a steady but tense build up, hooking you instantly.

A girl alone in a college dorm over the Thanksgiving holiday, what could possibly go wrong? We don’t jump straight in, but are given some excellent filmography, exploring the main character.

We immediately bond with Justine (Haley Bennett), who is a fun-loving young girl, from a modest household. She doesn’t have the wealth that her best friend and boyfriend have, which is why she stays at college and chooses to be productive over the holidays; despite multiple invitations. Justine is convinced she will be fine, regardless of a cult going around offing girls for religious reasons.

It isn’t until an unsettling situation when Justine leaves the college to grab some snacks, that she doubts her safety. But when she returns to the campus with loveable security guard Wayne (Mathew St. Patrick), Justine tries to relax. However, this tranquility is incredibly short-lived when there are strange noises and the lights keep going out.

From that moment on it is nothing but breathless suspense. You are on the edge of your seat until the end. This is a new kind of cat-and-mouse movie. The chased is severely outnumbered, but the chasers don’t have the prey’s smarts. Constant nervousness whilst watching it, mixed in with a few jumps, it is great entertainment for the horror/thriller fans out there.

A great soundtrack also adds to the overall vibe of the movie, which is slightly reminiscent of a 90’s video game. This music brings something different to the flick.

The leader of the cult, Violet (Ashley Greene) is superb. I have seen the actress in a few roles now, mostly the villain or stone-cold bitch character, either of which she plays remarkably well. This time she adds creepy to the mix, portraying a self-righteous cult leader and killer.

The climax comes from nowhere, completely changing the dynamic of the flick. Which I greatly enjoyed. The conclusion brings the movie to a full circle.

Overall this movie is fantastic. For the sub-genre within horror: suspense/thriller and to get the adrenaline pumping, it hits all the marks. Along with an impressive cast, flawless camera work and heaps of breathlessness, a guaranteed pleaser. Head over to Netflix and give this a watch tonight!

Rating: 5/5



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