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10 Modern Scream Queens We’d Like to See do a Nude Scene in a Horror Flick

Let me just preface this article with a very clear message: We love and respect women. We lean on women, hoping for the words of wisdom they always seem to have. We trust women, with our lives, and believe they’ll always be the rock in a relationship. Without women, we’ve got no happiness, no kids running around, and without kids running around the genre sure could take a major hit in the future.

But regardless of future generations enjoying genre fare, we really, really want to hammer home the fact that we truly do adore women. This article isn’t about belittling or undermining the female thespians’ accomplishments. So, if you’re seeing that title, and you’re concerned we’re only interested in exploiting or objectifying woman, you’ve got it all wrong. Women – not men – make the world go around.

So, ladies, as you read this admittedly shallow feature, remember that we adore you, and that this article is designed to cater to the horn-dog teens running rampant, not the pigs who feel women are – in any way – inferior to man!
Horror crowds are an interesting bunch. We crave terror. We yearn for grotesque imagery and graphic gore. We dream of genuine scares that leave us chilled long after final credits roll. And the vast majority of us are always on the lookout for that great gratuitous nude scene.

Some ladies leave us more anxious than others. For example, the 10 beauties listed in this piece, all of whom have appeared in some marquee genre work, none of whom have ever been kind enough to strip the clothing away for the horny viewers of the world.

Study this list closely, and if you’ve got an ace up your sleeve, knowing that we just happened to miss a nudity filled horror film featuring any of these gorgeous women – please, let us know!

Kate Beckinsale – Kate’s done a nude scene or so throughout her career, but she’s never once stripped down to beautiful flesh – and nothing more – in a genre film. That’s a damn shame. She’s hands down one of the most gorgeous women in the game today, and well, pervs like us are salivating at the idea of a little boobie peek. Could Underworld 5 give us the moment we’ve been waiting for?

Amber Heard – Like Beckinsale, there are a few nudie images (real, or fake?) of Amber Heard floating about the inter-webs. However, we’ve yet to see her please us weirdo horror freaks. She’s had ample opportunity – Drive Angry, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Ward, Stepfather, And Soon the Darkness… hell, even Zombieland (yeah, I’d check out a zombiefied Heard, even if she had blood and flesh particles hanging from jowls) could have delivered the gift that keeps on giving. Sadly, it hasn’t happened, and we’re bummed. As a collective, we’re bummed. Oh well, there’s still time to see this prime beauty in the buff.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Winstead has an awesome girl next door look to her. She’s an attractive woman, but not in that I applied 11 pounds of makeup kind of way. She’s got a stunning natural look to her that most of us appreciate greatly. With flicks like The Thing, Final Destination 3, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Death Proof and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, she’s had ample opportunity to bare it all… and yet she hasn’t.

Katharine Isabelle – Katharine Isabelle is a certified Scream Queen. If you doubt that, take a gander at her résumé. With pictures like Ginger Snaps, Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning, Insomnia, Disturbing Behavior, Freddy vs Jason, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, American Mary, and See No Evil 2 cluttering her ledger it almost feels inevitable that we’d – at least once – spot this beauty sans clothes. That’s not the narrative we’ve seen throughout this looker’s career, and we’re not overjoyed about that!

Chloë Grace Moretz – Moretz is one of the younger ladies to land on this list. In fact, she’s so young most of us would prefer to see her clothes as opposed to al natural. However, over the last few years Moretz has blossomed into a grown, gorgeous woman, and now that she’s legal, most of us wouldn’t feel too filthy checking her out in the nude. Most of genre credits came before reaching legal age (Carrie, Let Me In, Dark Shadows, The Amityville Horror, Room 6, Wicked Little Things, Hallowed Ground, The Eye), but who would’ve complained had we gotten a nice little peak in flicks like Dark Places or The Fifth Wave? It hasn’t happened yet, but this young beauty has plenty of time to surprise home audiences!

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