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The Davenport Vampire is Short but Sweet (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Mark Schwab

Cast: Mark Balunis, Brett Dohmen, James Pinkman

1931429I’ve decided to dedicate a lot more of my time to short films this year. Shorts don’t receive the same promotional push that a feature length receives, but some of these little beasts are worth it. Enter a film like The Davenport Vampire. I knew nothing about this film, expected less, but really attempted to go into my screening experience with a completely blank slate.

It worked.

The Davenport Vampire proved to be far more entertaining than I’d expected. It’s a brief tale, which means no downtime, and there are a couple of characters that hold our attention – two very key strengths, especially for a micro-film. But to hell with a budget, when you’ve got an engaging story with decent performers, you’ve covered a lot of bases other micro filmmakers fail to cover.

The story, or what I can say of it, focuses on a rugged 20-something on a mission to score some incredible hash. Getting a bit too high, he passes out in his car, but when he wakes up he discovers his surroundings are anything but safe. There’s something waiting outside…

The special effects (makeup primarily) are minimal but effective. The vampire looks gnarly, with an intimidating grill full of razor sharp teeth. And he’s aggressive with no mercy. But can he actually be beaten, or are we simply hoping to God our protagonist lives to see sunrise?

Smooth transitions and decent sound help to further improve the product. As it is, it’s engaging and dark. Creepy and perfectly suited to appeal to those with a short attention span. The bottom line is this: The Davenport Vampire isn’t pitch perfect, but bet your backside it’s worth a look.

Respect, Mr. Mark Schwab, you’ve done a fine job here.

Rating: 3/5

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