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5 Gory Horror Movies on Netflix

Written by: Wesley Thomas

We all love some gore, right? We adore horror, but it goes hand in hand with blood & guts.

Here are 5 gory, gross, and excellent horror movies on Netflix.


1) Cabin Fever. Any and all of the movies. It has recently been remade, but the third one is on Netflix right now! Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. It is great. When a group of friends enjoying a bachelor cruise in the Caribbean stumble upon a research facility on a remote island, a deadly virus is unleashed. The group must find a way to survive before the flesh eating virus consumes them all.

2) Contracted. Both movies are on Netflix right now. They aren’t just great movies, but as promised, unbelievably gory. Even I, who watch horror several times a week, was cringing. Basically the movies centre around a sexually transmitted decease. But the only side effects aren’t just itching and rashes. The side effects of this STD are far worse. There will be a third movie, which I cannot wait for. I urge you to watch these while they are available.

3) Day Of The Dead. A classic! This sequel to Dawn of the Dead is even gorier than the first two “Dead” films. The location is an underground government installation in sunny Florida, the purpose of which is to research the phenomenon causing the dead to come back to life. I know sequels in the horror field can be an iffy subject, most aren’t for them. But in this case, I adored it. Some sequels extend and build on the story, and don’t just poorly mimic the original in an attempt to make more money. This was a superb sequel stemming from a classic, and also being a classic.

4) Human Centipede. All three movies. If you can handle it. Seriously. They are gory, but mainly gross as hell. It plays on a morbid fascination of some human beings, mainly horror fans. Each movie taking a look at a twisted individual attempting to make a human centipede. The obsession growing mentally, and….physically.

5) Wolf Creek 2. Both are incredible, but I believe only the second is currently on Netflix. You may be lucky and find them both on there. You don’t need to see the first to appreciate the second. Each movie revolves around a crazy Australian man with no boundaries. From manhood being chopped off, to general torture, this will have you gagging! Hats off to the man who plays the killer. Fantastic acting!

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