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‘Contracted: Phase II’ is Even Grosser than its Predecessor (Review)

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Directed by: Josh Forbes

Cast: Matt Mercer, Marianna Palka, Morgan Peter Brown

WOW! What a sequel. ‘Contracted: Phase 2’ follows up excellently from the first.

Sequels can be a tricky concept for most directors; not this one!

It is even grosser, if you can believe it. The special FX makeup team really go all out in portraying the physical symptoms of this infection. From peeling flesh, limbs falling apart, blood and guts, and other forms of the body prematurely rotting away.

There is even more suspense as we are given a greater exploration of the back story and the creator of the virus. We become nervous and on edge in this pursuit. The actor who portrays the evil creator in question does a great job of making us loath his character. An arrogant science-type guy who is proud of his creation and the effects it has on innocent victims.

This movie proves merciless as the director has no boundaries for who dies. The same can be said for the first, but this goes even deeper. The sequel breaks the rules typically associated with a horror movie. Rules or no rules, offence or not. This movie truly is merciless.

Also there is the interesting perspective of viewing the decease from a male this time. Is he infected in the same way? Do the symptoms show in the same way? Regardless, it is still fascinating, generally and morbidly.

Similar to the first, the acting is impressive, with interesting relationships and dynamics.

And like the first, we are given a subtle hint at the end that there will more than likely be another movie! But this time, a third. Which I sincerely hope is true. I predict a more thorough look into the plague creator…

This franchise could have a rather radical impact on the zombie genre, and force directors and writers to think of new and revolutionary ways by which the decease can be made and be spread. And also the many forms of a cure. So go ahead to Netflix and watch this now!

Rating: 5/5



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