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‘The Undone’ Promises to Bring Something Never Before Seen to the Screen

We like supporting indie films. We like supporting micro films too, if they’ve got some talent attached. From the look of the new Kickstarter teaser, The Undone has some very real promise affixed. The approach and honesty these guys are employing is also refreshing.

Right now we’ve got a little bit of insight on the film, as well as a look at that kickstarter teaser directly below. We suggest you not only look into the trailer, but visit the page. The goal is a very reasonable $16,000, and more than $5k of that is already donated. Let’s help get this one made.

Christopher Anthony Luciano directs this one. Alana Berthiaume will portray the film’s female lead.

According to Luciano, “THE UNDONE is a horror film that is told in a bold, new, and exciting way that I personally can promise you has never been done before. The movie has it’s terrifying moments, but that’s not only what it brings to the table. It will also have a complex character study on two characters, Stanley and Sarah, with a commentary on today’s relationships. THE UNDONE at its core, is a relationship story tossed into a blender with the technique of Hitchcock, the strangeness of Mulholland Drive and the visual language of Paul Thomas Anderson.”

Dig on the synopsis as well as the extremely slick poster below.

Synopsis: The Undone is a psychological horror. It revolves around Sarah, a young deaf woman married to Stanley, a writer, It’s been two years since Stanley’s modest success and is overdue for his second novel. After some pressure from Sarah they retreat to a cabin where Stan can work on what he’s put off. It’s there that a series of strange events begin to unfold as she deals with her sleep Paralysis.


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