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‘Baskin’ is Gruesome and Thrilling (Review)


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Can Evrenol

Cast: Gorkem Kasal, Ergun Kuyucu, Muharrem Bayrak

Baskin as a whole doesn’t make a wealth of sense. By the time the final credits roll you’ll likely have more questions than answers floating about your head. But you know what? I think that may very well have been Can Evrenol’s design from the jump. The film is really about horrific imagery and paralyzing ideas than coherent, cohesive story points. And sometimes – this being one of them – that really works.

The film opens with a group of Turkish police officers shooting the breeze in a small diner. They get a bit rowdy, but before long they’re on the road, responding to a call for assistance. And that’s when they run a man over in the middle of the road, sending their vehicle careening into a body of water. This inadvertently leads them to a strange old building where a police car waits outside, lights flashing. It seems this may be the location in which they were headed anyway.

It also seems that the best way to describe this place can be summed up in a single word: Hell. Literally, this place is Hell. I don’t want to spoil the insanity you’ll see within these walls, as it becomes pretty intense, especially after unbelievable mutant monstrosities are ushered out to dole out punishment and receive a little penetration (yep, I said it) from this new group of captives.

That’s the end of any potential spoilers from me. But don’t sweat the fact that I haven’t relayed any key moments, as there are a series of memorable images to take in. The special effects are often practical and disgusting, and the low lighting of the film creates an unending sense of dread. The characters here are interesting, ranging from obnoxious to sympathetic, and that too adds some value to the flick.

If you’re looking for something a bit atypical, designed only to shock and creep you out, Baskin is a perfect pick. If you’re out for a very clear, detailed and logical storyline, this one will have you flipping the TV the bird. In my opinion, it was well worth the time. I enjoyed the gore, and I enjoyed the strange dynamics shared by the police officers. The cinematography is impressive and the performances are stellar.

Baskin’s a gruesome but thrilling journey into the depths of our genre. I’ll no doubt make the descent again in the near future.

Rating: 4/5

baskin poster official

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