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‘End of the Road’ is a Werewolf Winner (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: J. Spencer

Cast: Tatum Langton

J. Spencer’s 12-minute trek into terror, End of the Road, is an enjoyable affair, even if rather brief. It becomes evident in the earliest moments of the film that werewolves are the topic being tackled, and given the time frame we’re working with it isn’t long before we experience horrors coming to life. Now, I make note of the truncated runtime for a reason: there’s more here.

End of the Road could be an absolutely amazing feature length film. Imagine mixing a little bit of The Hitcher, Feast, Legion and Late Phases and tossing that all into one pot. Ideally that is no doubt going to produce a creepy, slow burn shocker with a grandiose finale. That would be one hell of a movie, and I’d jump at the chance to fork over a few of my hard-earned bucks for a solid 90-minutes of that sort of insane entertainment.

While that assessment (or those kinds of comparisons) don’t accurately indicate the actual tone or occurrences of the story behind End of the Road, as that would leave us pretty much executing any potential surprises, which we’re not about to do. However, they do form a loose idea of what you’ll see in End of the Road. Very loose. Okay… I’ll stop beating around the bush and tell you there’s a monster and a diner in the story!

That’s enough, dammit!

I enjoyed Spencer’s flick. While I was sad to see it reach conclusion so early, it did leave me with a very positive impression and opinion of Spencer, who is clearly a true prospect. According to imdb this is his first film, and if that is indeed a fact, well, sky is the limit. Here’s hoping he reunites with the impressive Tatum Langton again in the future; she rocks as a final girl and makes for a smoking hot waitress. I had to say it.

Solid visuals, a strong sound mix and a refined editing job all help to make End of the Road a real winner. Look into the film if you have the chance, especially if you’re into monster/werewolf flicks!

Rating: 4/5

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