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Vote for your Favorite Horror Director and Win a Massive Prize Pack!

How about a DVD and Blu-ray GIVEAWAY?! I’ve got to trim some of the fat from my personal DVD/Blu-ray (horror in general) collection. Started thinking why not give a bunch of stuff away? So, I’m going to. Somebody’s going to get a box, loaded with 15 different flicks, a mix of DVD and Blu-ray, and it won’t be a bunch of 3 buck bin flicks. You’ll get some really slick stuff in the package. Because I love sharing horror as much as humanly possible, I’ll up the ante. But before I get to the ante up, let me tell you what you need to do to be eligible:

You need to vote on this poll (you can choose up to two picks each). Then return to this very Facebook thread and tell us who you voted for and click that “Share” button on FB so we can get this spread around.

The winner will be randomly chosen through the Facebook page responses, so again, make sure you return and share, and tell us who you voted for.

Now, back to that whole ante upping talk…

If we get less than 50 votes, two random winners will win the 15 movie bundles. But, the prize packs are going to see a significant increase in size with each noticeable stride we make in voting numbers. So here’s a look at the prize packs and voting requirements.

  • 100+ Votes: 17 films – DVD and Blu-ray mix, 5 horror novels, 1 horror comic books
  • 250+ Votes: 20 films – DVD and Blu-ray mix, 8 horror novels, 3 horror comic books
  • 500+ Votes: 25 films – DVD and Blu-ray mix, 10 horror novels, 5 horror comic books, 1 collectible
  • 1,000+ Votes: 30 Films – DVD and Blu-ray mix, 15 horror novels, 10 horror comic books, 3 collectibles

Now, get your voting on and then head over to Facebook!

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1 Comment on Vote for your Favorite Horror Director and Win a Massive Prize Pack!

  1. Philip Rogers // June 10, 2016 at 5:33 pm // Reply

    Some good directors here but I think Wea Craven has been the most consistant with classics over the years.


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