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5 Freaky Space Flicks Like Alien

Just to be very clear here, there are no movies that are truly like Alien. However, there are an awful lot of flicks that take place in space, feature gnarly antagonists and a whole lot of carnage. Some are terrible, some are okay and some are great. Here are five of the better ones you’l find.

Event Horizon

The first few minutes of Event Horizon feel an awful lot like an Alien film. A crew discovers an abandoned vessel. They board and soon learn that this mammoth ship isn’t quite as deserted as they initially believed. And then some truly mind bending psychologic terror smacks viewers in the face, and then it smacks us in the face again, and to back up the mind games we also get some tremendous gore and top notch makeup work. This may be the best space film that doesn’t have the word ‘alien’ in it.

The Last Days on Mars

Hands down the best film that you’re going to find about Mars, The Last Days on Mars is one lengthy surprise and a heavy dose of chaos and panic. A group of scientists have landed on Mars. They’re gathering any and all test materials possible, when out of nowhere things go terribly wrong. It isn’t long before Mars becomes a profoundly hostile environment, complete with zombie-like creatures raging after the living. The movie looks great, sports an awesome cast (both Elias Koteas and Live Schreiber are marvelous) and really leaves an impact long after viewing.

Apollo 18

You can go ahead and pin me to the cross for this pick, it won’t begin to faze me. The big complaints about Apollo 18 are that it’s a found footage film, and that the antagonists are rocks. Well, it actually works as a found footage film (there’s obviously a legitimate reason for constant filming, unlike most found footage pieces), and it held my attention in a manner that many, many other found footage flicks have failed to do. And as for the second complaint: the antagonists are not moon rocks. They’re alive. They’re alien creatures who’ve adapted to camouflage themselves in their surroundings. The final act of this flick is chilling to the bone, and even though we’ve only get a few characters to focus on, the two generate plenty of insanity and action and prove capable of carrying an entire film on their shoulders.

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